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Monthly Archives: May 2002

Manchu Suk

I had some errands to run during my lunch hour today, so I decided to eat at the mall near my work. I settled on Manchu Wok, mainly because they recently added spring rolls to their menu. Big mistake. When I think of spring rolls, my mind conjures up images of a crispy fried pastry wrapper, with tasty, steaming veggies inside — cabbage (or maybe bok choi?), carrots (orange, not purple), and whatever else it … Continue reading

Cool Carrot Colors

Everybody knows that carrots are orange, right? Wrong. Go get yourself some purple carrots.


Have you ever tried to send some mondo-long URL to somebody by email, but the darned thing wraps, and they wind up having to cut and paste it back together just to visit the site? Apparently lots of people have that problem, or problems similar to that. But no more! Now we have URLizer to give us short, clean links! [via:

This site now searchable

I can see from my referer logs that lots of people find this page while searching for something specific from search engines like Google. And a lot of them probably had trouble actually finding the story that the search engine had indexed. I’ve just added a search feature to this site, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble anymore.


Suze and I went to see Spider-Man last night. It was good. I expected to be entertained, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Of course, the special effects were fantastic. I expected that. But the best part was that the characters were well done, and they did a really good job of sticking to the essential elements of the comic book. They took a couple of artistic liberties here and … Continue reading