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Manchu Suk

I had some errands to run during my lunch hour today, so I decided to eat at the mall near my work. I settled on Manchu Wok, mainly because they recently added spring rolls to their menu.

Big mistake.

When I think of spring rolls, my mind conjures up images of a crispy fried pastry wrapper, with tasty, steaming veggies inside — cabbage (or maybe bok choi?), carrots (orange, not purple), and whatever else it is that oriental people put in those things.

What I got looked crispy, but it didn’t crunch when you bit into it. And it tasted like it had been packed in a recycled cardboard box and shipped from China in a canoe rowed by an octogenarian. In case you aren’t catching my drift, it basically sucked.

The honey garlic chicken was somewhat better, and I managed to eat about half of that. The highlight of the meal (other than the Coke) was the fried rice. Boy, I sure like paying $5+ for fried rice. Not.

From now on, I stick to Dante’s Pizza, Pretzel Time, Chik-Fil-A, or Taco Bell.

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