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Foot Freaks

Okay, all you foot freaks — here’s that picture I promised. These are my webbed toes. Sorry, no duck webbing, if that’s what you expected. It’s just that the 2nd and 3rd toes are joined by skin to about the 1st knuckle.


I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.

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184 Responses to Foot Freaks

  1. Slider says:

    Aiiiiigh! Couldn’t you have just put a link to the picture? With a warning? ;->

  2. Greg says:

    Cool, it’s like a little two-headed toe!

  3. trish mcwhorter says:

    I too have webbed toes as my father did and both of my sons also. It must be in our family history although I never did ask any of my aunts or uncles if they had the affliction. I used to be very sensitive about it as a child but now I am proud to be different. I am glad I found your site through my research. Web toes unite…trish

  4. trish mcwhorter says:

    I too have webbed toes as my father did and both of my sons also. It must be in our family history although I never did ask any of my aunts or uncles if they had the affliction. I used to be very sensitive about it as a child but now I am proud to be different. I am glad I found your site through my research. Web toes unite…trish

  5. Someone says:

    Cool toes. Do you have webbing on both feet?

  6. Dan Priest says:

    I’ve got similar webbing on the same two toes on each foot. I’ve been told I inherited the trait from my great grandfather Nelson. Out of 15 first cousins, I am the only one who has them. It was strange at first, now it just hurts when I bang them into something and they try to seperate.

  7. Web says:

    Your a half web don’t perpetrate like your a real web toe. I got you by an inch.

  8. Marette says:

    I too have webbed toes, just like the ones in the picture! I think it is awesome that other people have these- I have never met anyone else with webbed toes. Thanks!

  9. Ron MacDonald says:

    My dad had 2 toes joined on both feet. When I was born, he jokingly said “How do I know he is mine?” but conceeded when he saw my feet. I have the second and third toes on my left foot joined uo to the middle joint. On my right foot the same two toes are joined up to the last knuckle. I have met only one other male with this feature. My doctor said that her sister in law has the same thing but only on one foot. I have thought about creating a web site like this, but you beat me to it. How about a Web Foot Club. We could have a member list to exchange stories and a annual Web Foot convention.

  10. Dougal says:

    Since this conversation is threatening to swallow up my entire blog, which is intended to mainly be about technical web stuff, I am seriously thinking about spinning off an entire new website devoted to information about syndactly (webbed fingers/toes).

    However, I probably don’t have the day-to-day time to devote to managing the site (posting new material, vetting out junk comments, etc.). So, if you are reading this, and you think that you might be interested in contributing your time and effort as a site manager, story submitter, or whatever, please contact me and let me know.

    I don’t expect it would take very much effort. I just need somebody who is willing to post some new material occassionally, and help keep the site’s comments on-track. Of course, it wouldn’t pay any money, but you would get to have your name up in lights, so to speak. πŸ˜‰

  11. killasteve says:

    what does it look like under the toes?

  12. chris says:

    I also have the webbed toes on both feet, second and third digits. Mine are not fully webbed, about half-way on the right foot and 3/4 of the way on the left.

  13. Chris h says:

    I also have Web Toes…do any of you have bad balance that u think may stem from this?

  14. Julie says:

    I heard that webbed toes are a sign of inbreeding? Say it ain’t so!!!

  15. alex says:

    i to have this anybody find anything scientific on it? mine is not quite as extensive as that

  16. bradly says:

    I have a webbing too

  17. FRANCES says:


  18. Jessica says:

    I have them too, exactly like your picture. They’ve never bothered me. They’re just toes!

  19. steve-o says:

    can anyone give me pictures of their toes plz?

  20. bally says:

    your teos are grose to look at that is sick! can’t you get it removed to sepeate it. :lol::shock:

  21. JoeShark says:

    I think webbed toes are cool! Any ladies who want to show off their conjoined toes feel free!:mrgreen:

  22. Mimi says:

    I have webbed toes and I love it..i get attention from it and I dont really care if anyone here at this website thinks its disgusting because its really’s just like the skin between your fingers on your own hands…It’s not like we have 6 toes….or only 5 …theyre webbed and it’s great

  23. Mimi says:

    …And as for “Bally” in comment number 21 …Learn how to spell!

  24. Trish says:

    My little boy has toes just like this. It used to bother me very much—I actually had guilt about it when he was an infant! I then decide to take the attitude that it was something very unique and special. We’ve had many laughs over it and I would say that it is one of the sweetest little endearing traits my wonderful son has. I wouldn’t change it—ever!

  25. Chrissy says:

    I am 52 years old and I have “had it” with people’s comments about my feet! I have made an appointment with an podiatric/orthopedic surgeon to have them repaired. I can’t go to the pool or wear sandals without people staring at me or making comments. Life is too short.

  26. Pelu says:

    Hi everyone!

    My 3 month-old son has webbed toes as well (second and third toes in both feet) he got them from his dad, he’s Irish descendant.
    But I would like to know from other ppl that has them, if you got any problems with balance or practicing sports.
    I found out on the net that they could be related to Waardenburg Syndrome and Stickler Syndrome.

  27. Moondog says:


    My second and third toes on both feet are webbed about 95 percent, just below the nails. The bones are not fused. I have never had a problem with balance or playing sports. I can walk, run and do anything that a person with separarted toes can. My toes are not associated with any other syndrome or health issue. I am of Irish descent, also. I played sports all through high school, college and as an adult. I have found that too much Tequila affects my balance.

  28. Chrissy says:

    Very Strange, indeed, I am also of Irish descent. My husband joked that the Irish are inbred with some kind of cloven-hoofed being. I hope not!

  29. dee says:

    I am the only one in my family with webbed toes. They’re the 2nd & 3rd on both feet, and joined about 1/2 way. I am of Irish & Scotch/Irish descent, but my sister-in-law also has the same thing, and she is 100% German.

  30. Chrissy says:

    I visited a physician yesterday. She is a podiatric surgeon at Univ of Penna Hosp. Apparently there are many people with this same affliction(?) because she has pictures of before and after for at least 50 surgeries she has done to separate webbed toes. I am scheduled for surgery on the left foot in July and the right foot in August. I can’t wait! I will finally be able to wear sandals and go barefoot without causing a “commotion” all around me.

  31. Beth says:

    I too have webbed toes, 3/4 on left and 1/2 on right. I had a reflexology treatment today, she told me it was the mark of a healer. I am also a Reiki practitioner. Any feedback? Are any of you involved in healing?

  32. patrick cummins says:

    I agree with steve-o (comment 20)
    Will someone send in pictures of their toes? Just for us two

  33. LD says:

    Yes, I too have these toes. Both feet are the 2nd & 3rd toes & I am of Irish, Scottish, German and English decent–I’m a mut I know– The ‘webbed” toes on both feet have always looked bent or broken–Is this similar to anyone else? & if anyone knows–what exactly does the surgery consist of–is it just a “snip-snip” or what? & how long does it take recover??

  34. Kristina Dougherty says:

    Finally a website that has web toes. well, I have web toes on both feet. On the right foot they are webbed all the way up to where the nail begins. on The left foot it is incrementally less webbed. My father has them. Mine are the worst(best) in the family my brother has them a little bit and his children have them a little bit. Oh boy I was reading that people thought everyone was staring at their toes and just had to run to get their toes seperated. Are you out of your mind???? 1) seriously do other people walk with their heads down just to look for webbed toes,get over yourself. I wear sandals all summer long, my daughter is involved in 5 activities that means I leave the house every day with sandals on and no one has noticed my toes. 2) there are 4 veins leading to each of your toes(webbed or not) if you are soo self concious about your toes think about this one. when you go to get your toes seperated if one of the veins in either of yor webbed toes get clipped you have a chance of losing that toe! Please leave your toes alone. They’re fine. No one really notices them unless you go get a pedicure and they still don’t say anything. So take my advice, your toes and you are fine just the way they are now. Thank you

  35. Laura says:

    Hey I was wondering what does this mean? I have them too and from what I have read, all of you have fathers have them, mine does too, do you get it from your father?

  36. Moondog says:

    Got mine from my mother’s side of the family. Neither my mother or father had them. Nobody on my father’s side has them that I know of.

  37. concerned mommy says:

    My son was born recently with webbed toes on both feet. I had them surgically separated and so far so good. There are lots of precautions because of the scarring and the possibility the web will recur. I had them separated because I didn’t want my son to feel self-conscious about anything. They do not run in either side of the family so we are puzzled as to how he got them. Has anyone else had them separated?

  38. allie says:

    i have the webbed toes too. 2 of them on both feet. i realllly wanted them separated but my mom said that they would scar or something and end up being worse than what i started with. im sad.

  39. Chrissy says:

    Dear Concerned Mommy: I agree with you. At 52 years of age, I am so sick of people staring, asking questions, making comments, etc.. Anybody who thinks that you can go thru life with webbed toes and wear sandals and go barefoot without anyone noticing is only kidding themselves. I can’t wait for the surgery.

  40. BellyB says:

    My daughter has joined 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet. Some days it bothers her and some days it doesn’t. Other children can be cruel. Has anyone had surgery to separate? Drs. told me it would not be a good idea. Any info?

  41. BellyB says:

    Oh, good there were surgeries. Where, when and how? Drs. told me separating the nerves etc. would do damage to the toes. I think if they can separate humans why can’t they separate my daughters toes.

  42. Tiger lady says:

    hey all im a lovley lady with the first two small toes of both my feet webbed, just like the guys above, i hate them so much and wish i could have normally feet, but hey, im not an ugly girl just have yuk feet πŸ™

  43. michael says:

    I had paws like that too but decided to get them seperated at 17. I was pretty self conscious about it growing up especially being raised in a prominent area in which everyone lived in a plastic world. I guess you could say Nip N Tuck was the standard for most around male and female alike. So having my toes seperated was no big deal. For myself it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me to date. Doctors other than plastic surgeons will try to scare you and tell you that it’s way to dangerous and not worth the risk when in reality it’s a very basic surgery with minimal healing time. I suppose if you had a doctor who wasn’t skilled in microsurgery (hand surgery) then I wouldn’t even think about it even though there are doctors who can perform the surgery. Besides most doctors telling you not to probably don’t have webbed toes so what the hell do they know. I have feeling between both toes on each foot and the scars were so minute that they are totally gone unless of course you whip out the scope and totally inspect me. Besides that it’s a hell of alot better then wondering if your new hot date is gonna be down with your webbed toes. Chances are they aren’t going to be because let’s face it it’s not exactly attractive even though we think it’s cool or atleast tell ourselves it is to passify ourselves. Sure someone would have to be shallow as hell to not like you because of your toes but why even let that be a hinderance in life, it kept me from wanting to go to the pool parties or hell even slumber parties. It’s a quick clip here n there. Don’t sweat it, either way they are cool because that’s how God made you. Do what you feel is right. I wish my parents had surgery performed as a child, definitely! Sure they think it’s cute n all but think of the kid, if you had them and now your child does and you were ok with doesn’t at all mean he or she will. Let’s face it, it isn’t exactly sexy as an adult. Sure you get attention but if that’s the only reason why you are getting it God help you. Peace

  44. striets says:

    Hey! My 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed on both feet also! I think it’s sweet, however, i have always wanted to waer toesocks! On mine the webbing goes all the way up, but stops where the toenail is because i have two seperate toenails. And my friends and i noticed that if you look my feet upside down the webbed toes look like a butt! It’s awesome! Well good luck to everyone! have a nice day!

  45. Ray says:

    Can’t believe this site exists. Same two toes as nearly everyone else, webbed half-way between second and third. A great-grandfather I never met was nicknamed “Duckfoot”, and was of Irish descent but no other descendents have ever come forward. Never any problems with athletics, balance, etc., so appearance should be the only concern for parents….

  46. Theo says:

    Jesus! I never thought there were this many people with this affliction. I have the same damn toes too, second and third 3/4 of the way up – both sides. It must not be an inbred thing because all of your grandmothers would have to have slept with my Grandfather at one point in time. And no-one here is Greek…
    I am happier now kowing that all of you have been crumpling up your toes at pool parties and such too. I always hide my feet from new girlfriends for at LEAST two months until I reveal. I wish I had got them clipped before highschool because even though I was popular, I still got razzed by the webbs and I hated that. Even now ignorant people still blurt out “whats the deal with yer toes dude??!”. I just want to reach out and punch their lights out but I dont. My mom has always told me I was special because of this – bullcrap, just a loving and sweet mother trying to build her sons confidence. I guess it does build character to a point but I too wish I could modify God’s choice to make me different. Oh well, iguess it could be worse, at age 28 I have now come to understand that there are others who have huge inoperable birth mark on their face and I feel pretty bad for them. Or you could have perfect feet and by really poor and then what difference would it make? Just my input on this topic.


  47. Theo says:

    I was wondering if there any hot girls out there with “webbs”. Myself, and I am sure other webbed dudes too would like to see a hot female (s) with webbed digits. So if you are out there dont be shy… You ve come this far and would have an understanding audience. ( i am not a foot freak or anything – but the novelty would last for years!!

    And then we could say once again, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!!” LoL!


  48. kristie says:

    my dad has webbed teos and nobody in my hole family has it but me and him how do you think he got it?

  49. Moondog says:

    Somebody in your family probably have webbed toes. It’s not something you spread around. Most families don’t talk about it. Do you have any Irish blood in your family? Is your webbing more or less than your dad’s?

  50. Moondog says:

    Somebody in your family probably have webbed toes. It’s not something you spread around. Most families don’t talk about it. Do you have any Irish blood in your family? Is your webbing more or less than your dad’s?

  51. Emily says:

    Hey! I love my webbed toes. (right foot, second and third, all the way up.) I love to show them to people I even bought toe socks and modified them for my special feet. I am of Irish decent. I have a great uncle (on my Mother’s side)who has them on both feet. I have been told by the “old wives” in my family that it is considered the “luck of the Irish”. I have always been proud of my lucky feet and I really pity those of you who have already gone to have them seperated. Also, for parents considering it for your children. Let them decide when they’re older. I would have been angry had my Mother made that decision without me.

  52. Moondog says:

    Way to go Emily, it’s good to see you love your webbed toes! I too, modified pairs of toe socks to fit my toes. It was fun. We’re lucky to be Irish and to have webbed toes. It’s great to be different. Webbed toes rule!!!

  53. 8tows says:

    Hi Emily and Moondog,
    If you would like to post some images of your 4 toed toe sox go to:


  54. ryan says:

    i have webbed toes also and webbed fingers. my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed all the way to the top (there is no gap) and my fingers also (2nd and 3rd(excluding thumb))i find it hard to write etc and i cant wear gloves, but i dont care what people think. when people make comments on them i just say that its normal and everyone else is strange! ryan

  55. Caitlin says:

    Oh my god! This website is awesome! I sort of stumbled across it because I’m doing a speech on my web toes in one of my classes tomorrow. I’m 17 and a senior in highschool. For the most part it doesnt really bother me to have web toes. I’m a swimmer and everyone asks me the same question ” wow do your toes make you swim faster?” So for the mom who was wondering if it would hurt her son at all to have web toes physically, no mentally its just annoying to hear the same stupid comments over and over again. Its kinda crazy though I noticed that its mostly males that responded to this I guess its possible to say that the trait is more common in males. But it must be sex linked because it came from my mothers side of the family. My family is irish as well! My grandfather has and it skip all my mothers brothers and sister and my older brother and then went onto me. I would never have the surgery for the world! Its a conversation piece! These toes are going to get me an A on my speech tomorrow!

  56. irish girl says:

    I know what this is, I have them but they’re hard to own up to. I’m in university now, I have a respectable average a job and no student loans. The people I really know have seen them, but alot of the time I feel like I can’t even leave my house unless properly shoed. This world is so plastic, people would trade to have my life-well until they found me out (though I would never actually want to loose them). Strangers have a habit of comming up to me and telling me I’m pretty, but I can’t believe them and instead of being upfront with this thing I fein the frigid bitch. I know I’m not the only one with this, but sometimes because it isn’t something that is ever talked about it feels that way. Though stubbing them is by far the greater pain. And just out of idle curiosity how do you suppose people do manage with those long gangly things?

  57. Moondog says:

    I think it’s great that you did a paper on your webbed toes. How did it go? Was it received well? What was the paper about? I’d love to read it. Email me at moondog221@msn if you’d like to talk about webbed toes.

  58. sophie says:

    i have the same as everyone… 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet, the left foot joined 1/2way up, the right a little less. Anuone who has had the op, could u inform us all about it? Can they do both feet at same time or is it 2 separate ops? was it worth it? Ta!

  59. sophie says:

    i have the same as everyone… 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet, the left foot joined 1/2way up, the right a little less. Anuone who has had the op, could u inform us all about it? Can they do both feet at same time or is it 2 separate ops? was it worth it? Ta!

  60. christine says:

    I have the same webed toes on both feet. No one in my family that i know of have the same thing and newborn son also did not inharet it, thankfully, Having webed feet is not a curse but sometimes i feels like a burden. as a child i got teased because of it, and was very ashamed, i still feel uncomfrtable around stangers in my bare feet, but after seeing this web sit i realize that are many people like me and im not alone. i dont feel as ashamed of it anymore.

  61. Dave says:

    hey guys! i’m getting my toes seperated on both feet in a few weeks. can anybody who’s had the surgery tell me anything i need to know? how soon will it be until i can wear normal shoes again and walk around as usual? i’m kinda nervous about the operation because my surgeon said there is the slight risk of blood not returning to the toe, in which case it would have to be amputated! i think i’d rather webbed toes than a missing one!

  62. bizzle says:

    i have this too. i was told that it may have to do with inbreeding but it was from a brittish friend and we all know the brittish are deathly scared of in breeding. i am also of irish descent. i am also missing teeth. i have no second molars. anyone else a part of this?

  63. shirley says:

    OK, here’s a weird one for you…My son born in 1978 was born with webbed fingers on both hands. They were webbed between his 2nd and 3rd fingers. The right hand was only half way up, but the left hand was all the way to the tip. We had plastic surgery done on them when he was four and five, (each hand done a year apart). They had to do plastic surgery to separate the fingers but to also add space between each finger. In order to do this they had to take skin from his groin area to add it between his fingers! It was a skin graft. Anyway, as he got older and reached puberty, the skin between his fingers started growing pubic hair! Now as a grown man he keeps it shaved off and being a guy is not that concerned about how his fingers look. We have always been happy with our decision to have his fingers separated with plastic surgery. He is a wonderful guitar player now and could have never accomplished this without the surgery!

  64. jessica says:

    I am glad to see that others have this. I was changing my newborn’s diaper and looked at her feet and sure enough, on her left foot the second and third toes are connected. I am really suprised that it was not noticed at the hospital. I did become concerned, so of course I jumped on the web to see what it was all about. I feel better now after reading this. Thanks.

  65. Tyler says:

    This is crazy, I never knew it was this common. Same here though, 2nd and 3rd with Irish/Scottish ancestry. I can understand cutting the fingers for functionality. But cutting the toes serves no useful purpose. Its all about your attitude. My mom told me that my family tried to have them cut, but she decided to let me keep it and decide for myself. The only thing I dont like is that the left isnt webbed all the way up like the right, wonder if they can fix that. I love whipping em out to show off. Theyre good for a laugh and most girls think theyre cute. Personally, I like attention so theres no point in mutilating my body so I can be a sheeple too.

  66. ailsa says:

    This is wonderful. I still feel like a freak but glad to know others are in the same boat as me. No offence!!! My second and third toes on right foot are joined half way up and i also have hammer toes which means they curl over. My left foot isnt so bad. I feel very conscious of them all the time and i have had operations to correct my hammer toes which left them worse and with scars. Does anyone else have this problem aswell?

  67. Vickie says:

    My son has syndactly of 1st,2nd,3rd toes on left foot. We promised to get them separated when we adopted him from S. Korea, and did so with best ortho surgeon we could find. Did 1st and 2nd toes. Well, all was fine and dandy – then he developed HUGE KELOIDS on the surgery site (graft from groin area – the graft area thankfully has not keloided!) and now he’s not only got 1st and 2nd toe joined again, he’s got a huge honking KELOID to deal with, to boot! I had no idea Asians keloided so badly, and neither did the surgeon (who was Chinese – go figure). Anyway, I wish to hell we wouldn’t of made that promise to have surgery done as now he’s pretty bad off, and just a little boy not even 4 yet. We did have an orthotic brace made for him, and special shoes (but light-up athletic shoes, just like everybody else is wearing-YAY!) and that really helps.
    The research I have done on keloids scares me shitless. They can come back, and usually do BIGGER AND BADDER than before – any lazering, cutting, burning, etc acts like another new wound to form excess collagen over. We have tried everything – pressure silicone pads, steriod injection (he screamed horribly and we are never doing that again) and have tried every Asian remedy (yes, even snake oil!) to reduce the swelling, itch and pain of this behemoth.
    It just makes me so sad and angry that I let this happen to my son! His foot was FINE before! Yes, the bones were fused (and still are on 2nd and 3rd toes) but I say LEAVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL JOINED TOES ALONE! Better the devil yo udo than the devil you don’t!

  68. moondog says:


  69. Scotty says:

    I am really curious about this. I also have webbing on both feet between the second and third toes right up to the nail. I would make a bet that all of us that have this joining are descended from the same branch of people/peoples. I am gonna start looking into family histories to try and track down this mutation, its origins and perhaps if there is some story or legend surrounding it. However I will need help in undertaking this. If you have the “joining” and you are of irish/scottish/british/or germanic descent please email me at and let me know your last name, as historical tracing will begin with that. Also if it was from your mother and/or father’s side that you inherited. This might be interesting, obviously we are all related genetically speaking closer together than other people from our lineages/ethnicities. Let me know!


  70. logtar says:

    I cannot believe I never saw this post before, LMAO Dougal the duck… ROFL

  71. Ellie says:

    wow. i can’t believe this post is still going strong after nearly 3 years. i too have a webbing of sorts, my 4th & 5th toes on my left. i had surgery to “correct” it when i was about 3, but it didn’t do anything but leave me a strange scar & silly looking conjoined toes.
    my husband also has the same type that you do, on both feet. we both didn’t know about eachother’s toes until far into dating, imagine our suprise. strange. i didn’t know so many other people had these issues. my hubby is fine w/ his, because it looks pretty normal. me, i’m still self conscious. so i guess my husband & i’s children will most definitly have this issue as well, seeing as it’s pretty dominate.
    i read today, which sparked my interest in looking it up on the web, that ashton kutcher has webbing too. he isn’t getting it fixed either, which is very un-hollywood.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I found a thread about webbed toes. I have it too. My 2nd and 3rd toe are webbed on each foot. One is up to the nuckle part and the other foot is just below the nuckle. I wanted to have it corrected and I was told I should go to a plastic surgeon. I went to one in a very highly respected hospital and he didn’t tell me the risks involved. He just said he would cut and then wrap the skin around (I think I needed to have a small skin graft) and sew. I was going to go for it but decided maybe I should get a 2nd opinion. Good thing I went. I went to a podiatrist that has done this surgery. He wasn’t for me doing it but he would do it if I wanted. He told me the risks and he said not everyone can have this surgery because there might be only one vein supplying blood to each toe when there should be two. If there is one, it would not be possible to do the surgery since there would be no blood flow to one toe and you would lose it. If there were two and I had it done, I could lose a toe (small risk but it exists. Just like any surgery, cosmetic or medical has risks) and there is also risk of having one toe swell up permanetly. Needless to say it scared the poopies out of me. Well, I was still considering it but I needed this test to see the blood flow. Some other place that would do the testing was suppose to call me back but they never did. I never went for the surgery. I am glad I went to the 2nd opinion. I was informed of the risks and the testing that is needed before hand which the plastic surgeon wasn’t obviously aware of that I needed. That would of been a major mistake. Thank the lord for my crappy insurance that was taking forever to approve (which they didn’t approve it in the end), I had enough time to do the 2nd opinion. If I can find a plastic surgeon that has this experience and knows the proper testing I would certainly reconsider. But this is hard to find. It is hard to find anyone that does this surgery.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I tried to post on the other site the names of the doctors but it said error so I am not sure if got posted, I looked again and it said awaiting moderator acceptance or something. Anyways it’s Dr. Christine Sage and Dr. Sara Trojanowski. Both are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and fantastic surgeons. Both work with hands (micro surgery) whichmeans they are skilled when working with vessels and nervs. I had the surgery done and Trojanowski was fantastic, I know someone who had Sage do it and her feet looked excellent as well, both cannot tell it was ever done. I hope this helps you out. If you need anything else you can email to michaelappian @ qwest. net

  74. Lydia says:

    LOL I can’t believer there are so many of us out there. I’ve never been embarassed about my webbed toes. 2nd and 3rd on both feet are webbed half way up.
    My brother and dad have webbed toes too. I’ve always thought mine looked pretty cool.

  75. Until now I had never even heard of web toes. Hmm…
    Interesting nonetheless.

    I remember one of my cousins was born with 6 toes
    but I don’t think any were webbed together.

    Mighty brave of you to post that!

  76. Donut ( nickname ;-> ) says:


  77. mom says:

    My husband has the second and third toes joined on both feet clear up to the toenail. His mother has the same thing. Our first two children escaped but our newborn has the exact same thing on one foot only. I was thinking of having them seperated but most of the comments posted seem to be against, so I am just going to leave it alone. After all, he does have one normal foot. Or does that make it all the more strange? The baby was post-vasectomy so I kind of look at it as proof that I wasn’t messing around!

  78. Louise says:

    I too have webbed 2nd and 3rd toes, Irish/Scottish mother and have never been slighty concerned about wearing sandles. In fact it has always been a bit of a laugh. However I also have a simian line on my right hand(single palm crease) as does my younger brother who also has webbed toes. Is this common with others with webbing or is it another sign that I’m just a bit weird!!!!

  79. Liz says:

    yes! webbed toes are awesome! i have them too! it’s kind of weird to find out that all of you people have webbed toes too. i thought me and my sister were the only ones…guess not! well if it makes you guys feel any better, ashton kutcher (spelling?) has webbed toes too! haha…that proves that there is absolutely nothing wrong with us…even the famous and rich actors have them too πŸ™‚

  80. maria says:

    My son was has webbed toes 2nd and 3rd. He is speech and language delay. Just had an MRI which revealed that they found something to explain his delay. When the neurologist saw his webbed toes she seemed concerned and said that it can be linked to the brain. Were anyone of you speech and language delay?

  81. Vickie says:

    Maria, my son with syndactyly of 1st 2nd 3rd toes is very speech delayed. Please tell me more about the MRI and what the doc said about your son. email me at adoptive mom 2 @ (no spaces of course)

  82. NAT says:

    Maria. Why did the doctor think it could be linked to your sons webbed toes?

  83. Amanda says:

    hey i got webbed toes only on my left foot, its just half way up. guys think its cute. dated one guy who had a foot fetish, he couldnt keep his hands off my left foot, lol we met while i was working at my video store in Philadelphia

  84. Amanda says:

    if anyone lives near Gallery mall in Philly i’m usually working

  85. Amanda says:

    Suncoast Video

  86. Kayla Whitaker says:

    OMG!! im so glad i found this site! i too have “twin toes” as i like to call them, and i love them to death! it makes me different from everyone else, and i like the attention they bring…plus i think they’re pretty cute. I just had NO idea this was so common. if anyone can find a real genuine reason for why our toes are like this…i’d like to know! πŸ™‚ e-mail me.

  87. gingersnap says:

    This seems to be more common than I had thought, wow! My second son was born on April 14, 2005 and I was the only one that noticed at the hospital that his right foot looked a little odd. He has 2 toes are connected from the second joint up on his right foot only. The 2nd and 3rd toes. It does look cute and it’s the first time I had ever seen anything like that. I am 100 % german and husband is a mix of swedish and some irish too. My son also has a very rare heart condition and has situs inversis also. He is a joy and is growing very well so far. I don’t know who had webbed toes in our family, we had never heard of it and no one knows of anyone in the family with this. Great thread here to read, thank you much.

  88. Sue says:

    My third child, a son, was born with his 2nd and 3rd toes fused to first joint. My brothers 2nd son has the same thing as did our mother and her father,all of them on the left foot too. They are of Irish descent also.
    I think it is kind of nice to have something like this to run in the family.

  89. BlueSummer says:

    I can’t believe that 1. I waited until my late 20s to even begin researching my toe syndrome and 2. that all you people share this crazy thing called syndactyly. Also, I can’t believe Joseph Staling had it; what a downer. I think I assumed for most my life that it was just a family thing! So, like most all of ya, I was born with 2nd + 3rd toes joined about 1/2 way up. Mom has same thing and so does one sibling (older brother). My mom always made it out to be this “cute” thing called “twin toes”. Sigh.

    I really don’t think much about it except, as you other women will agree, every spring when sandal shopping. I think I subconsciously don’t even consider the shoes that I know will display my entire toes, and oh how many cute sandals have been passed up!! My husband has never said anything about my toes before, and I never pointed them out, so I honestly don’t even know that he knows about them, although that seems silly now. He probably just could care less, just as I have feigned all these years.

    It’s not that I’m ashamed of my toes per se, but that I am *really* not keen on the idea of fielding strangers’ questions about my foot anatomy/toe deformity. In fact, I think I have awfully cute little feet, and if it weren’t for my syndactyly I would show them off all the time, as I generally love to go barefoot. But honestly, if I had a baby with this, I think I would get them separated. We all have more important things to think about, besides that state of our toes.

  90. Cierra says:

    I am a teenager who has webbed toes on the left fott it goes all the way up to just about the nail and on the right it only goes half way up on the second and third toes. When i was little my parents went to many doctors trying to find someone who would fix it so i wouldnt be imbarrased to show my feet but every doctor has told them not to do that or wait till she is older i am now 15 and we have been trying for over a year to get thrm fixed but every doctor has told me that you shouldn’t worry about it and no one will notice it. But people do notice it and it is very imbarring to me to go to the pool or beach because people will say something. My parents now won’t put any more effort into finding a doctor who will do it, but i’m not giving up because i don’t want to live the rest of my life with this i want to be like everyone else, with all 10 toes. So if anyone knows a kind of doctor or any information please let me know. Thanx

  91. g.p says:

    Unfortunately my webbed toes arent as grand and amazingly describbed as the ones I have read although my toes are extraordinaraliy long and curl up at the ends like fingers, infact they do resemble hands, perfectly manecured hands. The 2nd and 3rd are joined together at the base and webb but not enough to get my socks off and boast about!!!! I love my feet they give me an air of individuality and grandour that no1 else has. So ”ha” I say to all yee who mock me and my fellow followers of webbdom, Im webbed and proud!!!!! Im goingnow to revise for my exams. Ciao

  92. Rachel says:

    I love knowing that there are other people with toes like this. When I lived in CA my aunt used to try to get me to wear sandals, but there is no F-ing way. I just wear tennis shoes all the time, and occasionally I can find a closed toed sandal. It is so sad in the summertime. THEO, I feel your pain man. I too try to hide the toes for a while, until the time is right. I have laughed so hard reading this site, because I am now so relieved.

  93. Jim says:

    My son and I are webbers also. My mom from her mother and me to him. My daughter cant’t be in the web club. My son is eleven, and say’s the guys think it’s cool but the girls are different. The balance factor having
    this is a plus also swimming. So all of us Webbers unite and go forth
    and be proud of your God given feet. Their are those who can’t walk.

  94. Nicole says:

    I am thrilled to have found this website:-)When I was younger I used to be embarrassed and would attempt to hide my toes by not wearing the revealing sandals, and when i did wear them, I would have my mom draw eyeliner pencil in between them!lol! Now I enjoy going out of my way to point them out to people. I always add that I am a great swimmer! My brother’s are the same way, he is 21, i am 23. He has always loved them and not minded when people would crack jokes. I am the 2nd born and was always more sensitive until I realized they are cute and it makes me even more unique. I was not easy when younger for me to have people call them webbed toes (it’s my 2nd and 3rd, joined up to the bottom of the nail on both feet)I now prefer to call them “twin toes”. I called about having them seperated years ago and was told it could be done but w/needing skin graphs it probly was not necessary. They do not cause me any pain. I was told by my mother thet at birth the Drs said they could be seperated at a year old or so, but, that considering the location i.e. not the 4th and 5th, or 1st and 2nd, it would not effect my balance in any way so…my parents decided to leave well enouph alone. Looking back, i wouldn’t change a thing, all the teasing and joking my “webbed feet” maybe had some affect on the way I am and who I have become. After all, everyone has things they are self-concious about. I would love to have people post pic’s…I think a gathering of all the webbies is a great idea. I love it!

  95. ohad says:

    hay i’m from israel (24)… i too am very happy that i have found this web site. i too have webbed toes on my right foot between 2nd and 3rd fingeres.
    it never bothered me too much, i was and still am a little embarresed to reveal them in public.
    i like being deffrent and i will never split them a part.
    i wonder what’s the statistics say… ? how commen are those webbed toes. i saw only one man in israel with the same thing. i don’t have anyone alse in my family with the same toes… so i guess i’m the first one… πŸ™‚

  96. rachel says:

    i want to know if there are any hot guys out there with webbed toes

  97. Anonymous says:

    Rachel are your toes webbed? How old r ya

  98. Anonymous says:

    there is a new group in yahoo for webbed toes people plenty of picturs to see and you can post yours too

  99. anjum says:

    i’m 26, and never noticed i had webbed toes. my stepsons mom pionted it out cause he has them. now that i see it, it’s obvious. neither parents have them, but my mom said i was born of inccubi. i’m irish ital germ. maybe the interbreeding nationalities cause this defect. when i was little i do remember a friends paretn telling me, it meant royalty but i never knew what she meant. reading sitchin, it makes alittle sense, if all royalty is interbred. i guess i have dupont feet.

  100. rachel says:

    i am 22, and yes, my toes are webbed. Every time i say that i feel like i am making a major confession.

  101. rachel says:

    if anyone wants to mail me about webbs, you can at

  102. Chris says:

    My name is Chris and I’m 13 yrs old and I have web toes and I am proud. Ashton Kutcher was the first person I saw with web toes.

  103. Nancy says:

    I’m a 57 year old woman with webbed toes, mine are webbed exactly like those shown in the picture. I was lucky in that nobody ever teased me about my toes. In fact, for a long time as a child, I thought everybody had toes like mine! I am of Irish, English and German ancestry. A long time ago, I heard that some of Hapsburg Royal family in Germany had the webbing trait; I don’t know how true or not that is.
    My mom, bless her heart, asked the doctor if I would have any trouble walking, he said, no, I’d be fine. I’ve never wanted to change my toes, never knew that there was surgery for it. I’ve always sort of thought that other people’s toes looked rather gangly compared to my little toes! Only thing I can’t really do, is wiggle those two toes, individually. But, I’ve never had problems with one toe crossing up over the top of the others like some of my frinds have had, so that is one advantage to having the webbing. My birth mother’s last name was Daniels, she had to give me up for adoption in the late l940’s era, so it’s a mystery as to where I inherited this trait, but one I do cherish as a genetic link to where I came from.
    The first thing I did when my son was born, was check and see if he had any webbing of his toes. He has some webbing, much less than mine, and a bit more on one foot than the other. I was really surprised to read in the comments that the webbing can differ from one foot to the other.
    Many thanks for the effort in setting this site up, it’s nice to know there are more of us out there with this trait!

  104. Roger says:

    I have webbed toes on both feet. On one foot they are nearly webbed right to the top, the other about a little less. It used to bother me at school but now I don’t really think about it much.

  105. Fiona says:

    Webbed toes are not that uncommon guys, I got mine separated and I asked the plastic surgeon how common they were and he told me statistics say one born in every two thousand has webbing of some sort.
    So there….! πŸ™‚

  106. Trish says:

    I also have webbed toes. My pinkie toe and the fourth toe are completely stuck to each other with skin. I was so sad about it when I was young. I did not reaveal it to my husband until over a year of marriage. (He does not care) I am partly Irish but not on the side that this came from. My balance is great I can dance and everything. I want to get them separated but the one doctor I saw told me that it would cost $20,000 dollars. That is in Abilene Texas. I don’t hate it that much. How much did any of you pay?

  107. Anonymous says:

    wow man what is it real you all have webbed toes looks intresting
    i wonder how it looks can someone please post me some picturs of
    your webbed toes thanks.

  108. javrcd says:

    Trish can you send me a picture of you webbed pinkie i have never seen
    some thing like that whith a pinkie toe. thanks Trish

  109. Jsne says:

    I’m glad I found this website. My webbed toes (2nd and 3rd toes) were not pointed out to me until college. I thought that they were normal. Up until a few years ago, I thought they were from my father’s side (he has German-English-ScotIrish roots and connections to the Appalachias). It turns out that I inherited the trait from dear old mom. She’s half Irish and half German. The Irish (Kennedy&Bonners) are from County Donegal. The krauts hailed from a small town Northeast of Munich in Bavaria. Who knows…

    Could my children have major defects beyond a minor cosmetic thing? I started to think that I was a genetic freak until I did some searches online. As I think about children, I thought I should go through genetic counseling due to this recessive trait. Maybe it was connected to some other bad genetic traits that I didn’t want to pass along to possible children. One of my brothers has autism – I was coming to a not so scientific conclusion that my genes have some bad mutations.

    So I guess I’m not such a freak. Maybe my moderate webbing won’t be a major impact on my kids other than a cosmetic issue?

  110. Bennity says:

    i have been looking for other people with toe deformities for ages,
    i dont have webbed toes but i have massive big toesthese toes are so strong i can stand on the tips of just the big toes.
    i researched and the first thing google came up with was that big-foot (sasquatch) had the same type of deformity
    anyone else out there?

  111. Marly says:

    Hi, just want to say thanks to everyone. I recently met this cool guy, but was a bit freaked out when he told me about his webbed feet. I feel quite prepared for them now πŸ™‚

  112. Watcher says:

    Hello all,
    I am so tickled to find this site.I also have my 2nd & 3rd toes webbed on both my feet. I thought it was something normal, & it seems like it is, in many people. I first learnt of the difference after seeing Ashton Kutcher my self on Oprah while chanel surfing one day I’m 50 years of age, one of 7 kids,white, I wonder if skin color makes a difference, hum… food for thought I guess, all with the same parents,we all have webbed toes. Although my great grandfather was adopted as a child & we’ve not been able to trace all his life,I do know I’m 1/3 Cherokee,1/3Irish, I’ve heard I have a touch of German.I read some one else also had the same blood lines almost. I’ll never know, but this was a lot of fun to look up & read about.It’s never bothered any of us, Like I said we thought it to be normal. God be with you all. Watcher

  113. Watcher says:

    Hi again,
    P.S. I also had a male cousin whom was born with six toes,he did have the extras ones taken off as a child, we are both the same age & I also have a great neice that both of her small toes curve up & over towards her 4th.toe The docs. have corrected the left one but can’t get the right one to lay flat yet. she’s 4 yrs.old & beautiful & it don’t bother her at all either.Must be something in our bloodline,you think.If it was,,, inbreading it was long before my parents time though.
    God Bless, Watcher

  114. Stubby says:

    I’m now 59 years old and was born with the second, third, fourth and fifth toes of my right foot completely webbed, though each toe has its own bone structure and separate toenail. For reasons never explained to me the forth and fifth toes were separated when I was 5 years old – perhaps the reason was to do with balance. The fourth (separated) toe has always hammered, sat atop, the fifth toe which is somewhat tucked or rolled inwards, and my right foot is 2 full sizes smaller than the left. My second and third toes remain joined.
    I’ve never had any problems with balance, was State high School Swim Champion in 400 Metres Freestyle and 100 Metres Butterfly and was State High School Track and Field record holder in the 100, 200 and 1500 Metres (1961, 1962 &1963). Hahaha, I live in a very small, low population State!
    But, I’ve always felt extremely embarrassed or shamed by the ugly deformed appearance of my right foot and, if publicly bare footed, I’d go to lengths to hide it by burying it in the beach sand, beneath my Beach or Swim towel or behind the normal left foot. My major hassle these days is trying to clip the toenails of the toes that are still joined.

    I’m unaware of any relative with webbed toes. Neither of my sisters have them nor did my parents. Though, a cousin said she thought our maternal Grandmother had webbed toes. Our maternal Grandmother’s sister certainly had a “Club Foot” with the iron braced leg and the built-up boot.
    I’ve no knowledge of any Irish ancestors,my maternal Grandmother’s parents, grandparents etc all came from Cornwall, England. My father’s ancestors were all “Geordies” from Newcastle on tyne and Durham, England.
    The English novelist, Lawrence Durrell, in his pornographic study, entitled “Tunc” (1968), or was it “Nunquam” (1970) speaks of webbed toes as being a sign of nobility and a marker of royal Turkish blood. Durrell seems to display some kind of “foot fetish” as deformity, feet and misadventure occur in many of his “Alexandria Quartet” Novels. In “Clea” the aristocratic Arabic heroine is trapped underwater and drowns when a Speargun shaft pins her foot to the wooden hull of a sunken vessel. While in another of his Novels, a Turkish Princess , despairing of her inability to stop her father, the King and family’s brutal oppression of the people, uses her father’s Dagger to separate her own webbed toes – either to die in the attempt or as penance for their sins against the people, her people.
    Hmmm, could Lawrence, himself, have had webbed toes? His father was Irish! πŸ™‚

  115. Stubby says:

    Hmmmm, well a “google” search seems to suggest that Buddha himself had webbed toes and fingers, but, in more modern times….Dewey Weber, the “legendary surfer” had webbed toes…
    Legendary surfers
    Check it at URL:

    Dewey Weber was born David Earl Weber on August 18, 1938 in Denver, Colorado. He went on to become one of the greats in surfing in the 1950s and a great
    in the surfboard manufacturing world in the 1960s. His stardom, however, began at an early age. When Dewey was 8 years-old, his mother took him to an
    audition where he won a part as “Buster Brown,” the fantasy boy who lived in a shoe with his dog Tide. Dewey did in-store promotions as Buster Brown and
    by the age of 14 was a three-time National Duncan Yo-Yo Champion, appearing on the national television show “You Bet Your Life,” hosted by Groucho Marx.
    In high school, he was a three-time CIF westling champion and an All-State performer at El Camino College.

    The only child of a German working class family, Dewey was exposed to water at an early age through his babysitter. His father, Earl, was a truck driver
    and his mother, Gladys, worked at Denver’s Nabisco cracker factory. At age 3, he had a babysitter who was also a lifeguard at a nearby municipal pool.

    “My early memories,” Dewey recalled once, “are of being at the pool almost all of the summer. By the time I was four, I could swim twice the length of
    the pool underwater. It came very natural to me for some reason.” Whether it helped or not, Dewey had two webbed toes on each foot, a family trait passed
    on to every other generation on his mother’s side.

    Manahattan Beach Surf Club, 1943-1948

    The Webers relocated to Manhattan Beach during
    the war,
    in 1943. Dewey immediately adapted to the new surroundings

  116. bOnniE says:

    im 13 and i have webbed toes aswell. They crack me up. Im damn proud ov my toes!

  117. carrie says:

    I too have web toes, 2nd and 3rd, also Irish, German and English, supposedly my dad was born with them and his parents had them separated.I have always been proud of my toes, not many people have them so its my own individual trademark. I will wip my toes out in a crowd, and the 1st thing I say is “no, I dont swim better”. I have a ten yr old who wasnt blessed with them, I am pregnant now and hope this baby will have them. If people are experiencing ignorant comments, thats too bad. I have yet to get any bullying about my toes. I think my toes are better looking than the freaks whos 2nd toe is bigger than the big toe.

  118. john says:

    i have twin toes and my mother has them also hers were tothe very top of her toe , mine is shorter much like the pic shown
    my mother told me a long time ago how many generations this goes on before it is gone but i have forgotten . does anyone
    know? my first child is on its way and i told my wife her child will have twin toes too. she thinks its a litte weird.

  119. rottweiler says:

    hey doods! nice feet u guys rock! peace out!

  120. webmom says:

    my daughter is 6 weeks old and i just noticed she has webbed toes (2nd and 3rd digits). i freaked out at first but was relieved after reading the comments on this site. thanks! i think i’ll let her decide for herself (when she’s older) if she wants to have them separated or not.

  121. YB says:

    wow, lots of people w/ this….
    I have four children. My youngest is nearly 3 years old. I didn’t notice he had webbing of his 2nd and 3rd toes til he was home from the hospital for about 4 days! He was born in the winter, so he was constantly covered up! I honestly did freak out, I cried, I wondered WHY are they like that?? took me a long time to deal w/it….But now, I love them, I love HIM, and they are part of him. It has done nothing to his balance or his walking ability, so I figure WHY change him??????????????? THIS IS HOW GOD GAVE HIM TO ME. People ridicule each other for LOTS OF THINGS…. Those of you that are worried about your child getting made fun of, what are you going to do when they have their nose made fun of? There big ears? Their weight? The way they talk? For God’s sake you cannot just change things because you are afraid of what other people think. I celebrate his ‘piggies!!’ we love his feet, he is who he is. And I WOULD NOT EVER IN A MILLION YEARS make my little boy go through a NEEDLESS COSMETIC surgery due to worrying about him getting made fun of. Please…. think about it, there are FAR MORE things in the world they can make fun of your child for, um, at least you can wear shoes to hide it, shall a child wear a mask because they aren’t as attractive as you think they should be, or his/her classmates think they should be???
    Please do yourselves a favor and do not be shallow…

    If someday my son wants to have the surgery I will support him, but right now I want him to know I love him for WHO he is….not less because of a little divider of skin is attatched to him….. How very shallow of parents or anyone in this world to think anything differently….

    I don’t worry about ‘why’ anymore…I focus on him being normal. He is extremely bright. And for the record no Irish descent to my knowledge either…. I was 28 years old when I had him. None of my other 3 children have it.
    I guess I don’t know what the big deal is.
    Love yourself πŸ™‚

  122. Irish says:

    So you wonder why your 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed? I am Irish and I have them too ! I was told by my mother that the Irish foot adapted to the wet soil in the bogs and that is why English shoes hurt our feet. I find a moccasin soft shoe to work the best for me. I have heard there is a kind of pony native to Ireland that have a unique hoof. Any one else know any thing about this?

  123. 3 inch toes says:

    My toes are not webbed, but my toes are each 3 inch long.

  124. 3 inch toes says:

    pretty neat, eh?

  125. 3 inch toes says:

    Any one else have long toes that are typing words right Now?

  126. jetta says:

    My third son was born and my oldest son was changing his diaper in the hospital for me and he said hey mom… Petie has webbed toes!
    I was like no way and sure enough his toes are connected by the skin up to the first joint… The pediatrician said that they were called twin toes and would never cause him trouble… exept that they are so irresistable… I love to tickle them and pretend to eat them πŸ™‚
    Anyway for anyone who has these you guys are in a select group of cool people πŸ™‚
    P.S. we are also from irish decent… I got the red hair πŸ™‚

  127. angie says:

    OMG i thunk this is cool
    i have to look up this stuff for skool and i didn’t kno that there were sooo many people that had webbed feet
    i’m sory but i don’t have webbed feet!!!!

  128. angie says:

    i don’t kno anyone personally with webbed feet either!!!

  129. Sponge says:

    I too have “twin Toes” much like the ones in the photo, I was researching about it after I releived I feel like no one else besides me and my grandmother have this birth effect I found it quite strange but also unique, Iam glad Iam not alone with my twin toes ;p

  130. LouieG says:

    Now in mid sixties. Webs on both feet second and third, like the picture. Left foot, one half filled,
    the right foot only about a quarter. Have a cousin, whose grandson has full web on one foot,
    almost to the tip. Came down from Irish side. Sweeneys and Sullivans.

    Took some flack from brother when we were kids. “Be kind to your webfooted friends” was a popular song in 50’s. Cousins got big laugh. I laughed when grandchild came along. Too funny.

    I was a good athlete. Very agile and could jump. At almost 6 feet tall, I could dunk bb. The toes did
    bother me some when swimming. They made my feet week when kicking in water. Basically couldn’t swim. Also when I had my own little children, if they stepped on toes they would just kill me. Webbed toes tended to bend in the middle, like a joint, but bent the wrong way. Never had them x-rayed, and never wanted to get rid of them. Actually I loved them.

  131. j9 says:

    My son has twin toes. He is ten and could care less. Why would anyone care to look like everyone else?? When he was born with them I was thrilled. The weird thing was that I felt that I knew (before he was born) he would have joined toes.
    He is considered by others to be an unusually coordinated child.

  132. Caitlyn says:

    Heyy, my toes are webbed too, my second and third one on both feet are webbed

  133. Gaily-Poo says:

    Aloha my brothers and sisters with twin toes. Let me tell you a story that happened to me. I was in a Health Food Store and a lady told me about these people that were bred with fish in Atlantis. She said that some of these “mutants” are still around. I asked her how she could tell, and she told me that these “mutants” will have their toes stuck together. In Hawaii we wear slippers, and I told her to look at my feet. She left the store very fast. I laughed at that!!!!! Anyone hear that story? This lady claimed this information is in a book. Written by a Margret something, I believe. Stoked to hear Dewey Weber has the “toes” too, as I am an avid surfer on the North Shore of Hawaii. Ever hear of “Country Surfboards”???????

  134. Terrybear says:

    When I first met my husband (many, many years ago) he showed me his toes and proclaimed that he was tempted to fly south for the winter, or at least thought of it. At this point he let out a little duck sound and flapped his arms. I thought how cute. Then when our daughter was born in 1981, we were thrilled to find she had his same webbed toes, much more than the ones pictured, I knew then that she would swim easily like her dad. In 1994, we had a son, he has only a partial webber slightly less than the one pictured, but on one toe his foot shows a web that is unmistakeable as a true web. The Dr. told us no webbing and was baffled when we were obviously saddened but then we yelped for joy when we found that he did have at least one true webber like his father and grandfather.
    To us, somehow this unique distinction has always been a positive! I remeber that misguided folks in 1981 thought that we shoud have our daughter’s toes seperated, but I loved every part of her. I liked her nose that looked like me, and I liked her toes that looked like her dad’s, wouldn’t have thought of it. In our family, we celebrate the human web footers.


  135. Telseng says:

    I’m glad to know that my son is not alone. When he was born the doctor came in and asked me if I noticed my son’s webbed toes. He has web toes on both feet the second and third toes are webbed to the joint. I had no known history in my family with webbed toes. My husband didn’t know until the day our son was born that his mother has the same webbed toes on both her feet as well. Genetics are amazing.

  136. Janet says:

    I have webbed toes. Apparently my great-grandfather had them (from Italy). I was born in the States, and my parents, both Argentinean of Northern Italian descent, didn’t know where they came from until we visited Argentina and a great-aunt told us my great-grandfather on my father’s side had them. I am a female, and inherited this from my father’s side, but I also gave it to two of my three sons.
    It’s funny that no one notices my toes unless I tell them about it. I used to love them, then for a while I felt somewhat weird about them (I’m a shoe freak, and love to see feet that are well groomed in an expensive shoe) but most people see my toes in detail when I tell them, and surprisingly, no one is grossed out about it, not even when I get a pedicure. In fact, most of the time, I am told my feet are rather “young” for my age. I am now in my forties and people who deal with feet all the time, always compliment me on the “great and young looking feet” I have.
    I wonder though if this genetic marker is a sign of common ancestry.

  137. Joshua Forty says:

    I would just like to say that I am so happy to have found this community of people who have the same “gift” as I have. Throughout all my life I have been ridiculed and teased not only by others but my closest friends, there was one stage where I slept with my shoes on. They just don’t understand and in someways I feel sorry for them because they can’t see that it’s not what’s on the outside but it’s really what’s on the inside that really counts. I use to really be upset when some teased me about my web toes but now I don’t get angry anymore because I have learnt to love who I am and not be afraid. I now walk freely with sandles and barefooted along the beach without any shame at all. Also, I have started a support group here in Australia for people who have a similar condition and are afraid to remove their footwear, I hope to put up a website soon and when I do I will be sure to let all of you know. My group is called ” Toe 2 Toe “. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post, I hope everyone of you out there who has syndactly be not afraid of the looks and stares of others, have pride in yourself and live your life the way you want to. Much love, to all my brothers and sisters Joshua Forty.

  138. Joshua Forty says:

    Hi guys, me again, i forgot to mention earlier, if any of you are from Australia and wanted to join ” Toe 2 Toe ” I operate the Victoria/Hoppers Crossing guild for ” Toe 2 Toe ” and my email is please send me an email if you want to join or you just want to chat.
    Cheers, Josh

  139. Colleen says:

    I never thought I’d find a sight like this. I have webbed toes. Mostly my right foot 2nd and 3rd toes, the left foot not very much at all. My brother is the same but his are less noticable. My sister has perfect feet. It is really embarassing, I never buy open toed sandals or wear flip flops. I wish my parents did get them fixed when I was little. I know its unique and I’m proud of that but at the same time it’s hard. I am of Irish/Russian decent. My mom’s side being Russian and my Dad’s side Irish. My grandma on my dad’s side said her father had webbed toes so its safe to say its hereditary. I never got to meet him so i’m not sure what severity his webness was. No one else in my family besides myself and my brother have this. I’ve really thought about getting it fixed and one day being able to wear sandals, flip flops etc without having the thought of people saying something or staring. I do go get pedicures and no one really says anything. I was wondering how much this surgery would cost and is it better to go see a person that specializes in microsurgery or go to a foot doctor. If anyone has any imput let me know. Thanks.

  140. Marty says:

    I have the same and of eastern-european, Jewish decent.
    There goes the Irish and scottish theory.

    My son also has the same.

    I personnaly hate it but my (grown) son seems to have no problem wearing going barefoot and wearing saldals in public.

    I have thought about an operation but never was that serious to do anything about it.

    The more I read here, I feel better. Thanks, guys!


  141. Neal O'gorman says:

    I too have the same trait — the 2nd and 3rd toes are joined on both feet.One 100% the other about 80%.

    Its a unique trait that is a great part piece.

    Has the DNA code for ‘webbed toes’ been studied?

    I am also Irish – one my brothers has it too. ( being irish there are a good few of us – 2 out of 7 are more blessed!)

    has anyone had any luck in tracking this back ? i saw one posting that said he was going to try and trace it. any results??? i think its from my mums side.
    Duffy & Smith

  142. Catherine McD says:

    Hiya, I didn’t realise so many people had webbed toes like myself and my brother. I’m 14 and have always hated wearing flip-flops in the summer however after reading all of your comments I’m slowly but surely learning to love my toes. I actually find them quite amusing! LOL! My 2nd and 3rd toe on each foot are about one third webbed or “conjoined” as I like to call them (same for my brother). I did consider having them seperated but I now don’t see the point- they are just toes after all. I don’t know anyone outside of my family with this but I once saw Ashton Kutcher in an MTV interview where he was asked about his toes and he took his socks and shoes off and proudly showed the world his webbed toes. I want to say thanks to everyone who says love your toes; I am going to book myself in for a pedicure soon so I can proudly show off my pretty, pampered toes!

  143. Catherine McD says:

    Webbed toes are unique. Embrace your individuality!

  144. Catherine McDonald says:

    Does anybody know what causes webbed toes? coz I’d really like to know.

  145. natalie melo says:

    My son Gabriel has webbed toes. My husband and I don’t, but we heard he may have gotten them because we both have RH negative blood types. I can’t wait until the weather gets hotter so i can show everyone his adorable, precious toes. I’m not going to let him have an operation to seperate them. I think that it’s not neccessary to get one done. I enjoy kissing them, and I’ve never seen any like them before. I love my son the way he is and so does my husband.

  146. natalie melo says:

    can u post pictures on this website?

  147. Cloe says:

    Hi, I also have webbed toes on both feet. Its the 2nd and third toes and there webbed till the 2nd joint, and i am also part irish.I dont know of anyone in my family who has webbed toes. My parents where originally going to have my toes seperated when i was little but decided that they would wait and let me decide. I am now 18 and still havent had them seperated and dont think i ever will. I like them there different! Ihave never found that people care that they are different and they have never stopped me playing sport, swimming or whereing strappy sandles.

  148. dr grossed out says:

    ew, grose, get surgery.

  149. Cathy says:

    it must be nice being so goddam perfect, dr grossed out!

  150. Anonymous says:

    dear dr grossed out.why the hell are u even on this website?it’s not nice being a jerk off.respect people and there feelings.webbed toes are unique and if u have something negative to say don’t come back here.

  151. Ashley says:

    Wow! This is really cool. I had no idea so many folks had twin toes. I’ve been thinking about getting surgery on mine. Has anyone had this done that can share some thoughts? I’m a model and there have been many occasions where a client will want me to do a shoot barefoot and I’m always so embarrased to show my feet. My toes are webbed on my right foot, not all the way, just about 1/3. My family tells me not to be embarrased and it’s not that noticeable, but I’ve always been very self concious about it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  152. kate says:

    Hi, i was wondereing if anyone had any information on piercing your webs. I read a post from someone whose girlfriend got hers pierced- i think it sounds really cool!

  153. Nadia says:

    My daughter (5 months) has the 2nd and 3rd toes webbed on both feet. It was picked up immediately following her birth. My husband and I had no idea where it came from. I hated the way it was described on my dughter’s hospital notes as an “abnormality”. It made me feel as though we ought to be ashamed of it or something. I was telling one of my closest friends about it, and it turned out her feet are exactly the same. I used to live with this friend, and I’d never even noticed her feet were different from mine. Interestingly, my friend is of Irish descent (both parents) and my husband’s maternal grandfather was Irish. My neighbour told me her husband’s toes are the same too! The fact that I’d never noticed my friend’s webbed toes helped reassure me that my daughter’s toes are normal. They’re just a bit different.

  154. Mikael says:


    I am 33 years old and have twin toes on both feet (nr 2 and 3 up to the nails). Very cool to see
    that there are more people that share this kind of thing. About the origin of twin toes: I am from Sweden and the truth or rumour I have heard is that as far back as the vikings had this toes. Some peole says that
    William the conquerer had them…. I dont know, but it would surely be interesting to learn more about this.

    Neither of my parents have it and neither of my two kids.


  155. agirl says:

    my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed, too. but the skin that connects them comes up farther than yours and i have it on 1 foot and my dad has it on both

  156. Corey says:

    I have webbed toes too. My second and third toes are split all the way up. Just like a millimeter from the end of the webbing to the top of my feet. Both of my feet.

  157. matt says:

    i have webbed tose and they r ruingin my life, im am really self concious bout them. i havnt even shown my friend who i have known for 7 years he knows bout em and is curious but i am always hidin them with sox. I dont no wat to do . due to my stupid actions i beleive I have no choice but to get them seperated. WATEVER U DO PEOPLE KNOW THAT U ARE BEATIFUL, TAKE LIFE BY THE HORNS AND RIDE IT INSTEAD OF HIDING AWAy, U WILL NEVER ENJOY YOURSELF PROPELLY IF U HIDe UR TOES!!! be wise and learn from my mistakes not from ur own

  158. webbed toes says:

    My daughter was born with webbed toes on both feet! Her’s isn’t so bad. However her aunt on her fathers sides are all they way up.
    I was told this is a polish thing .. lol … now I know better thanks for the blog guys

  159. Alicia says:

    Well your answer lies here maybe fairytales are not fairytales after all. There was some inbreeding going on very unusual inbreeding from people known as selkies really fallen angels perhaps who fell in the water to become fish people like mermaids, see for yourself for this could very well be a scottish, irish, possibly english ancestory. My son was born with only one connected finger on one hand. I did some research, and found out this can not be a mutation of us being fish at one time thats ridiculas, mutations if they were to occur stay in the past and do not happen again. Something tells me that people just do not talk about tales that are not true someone slept with some mysterious woman from the sea or who knows were check this out.

    It was also said that giants mentioned in the time of Noah in the bible, with the flood had six fingers and six toes.

  160. Michael says:

    I too have “twin-toes” on both feet with the 2nd and 3rd toes conjoined half way. I didn’t know so many people had this. My Aunt and cousin have it as well. I guess it is just hereditary. I will keep this link on my favorites to come back later. I feel like I belong to a cool secret society. LOL. Peace.

  161. andrew says:

    Im 19 and haved webbed toes, 2nd and 3rd toe on my right foot. I was told that webbed feet is also a sign of a crack baby.(child born with cocaine in his system) Anyone else here that?

  162. Alicia says:

    No but I can assure you I was not doing crack or my husband.

  163. Anagetic says:

    I too have second and third toe webbed on both feet, my right is about 3/4 and left is half. I’ve never considered getting them seperated and never will! I love then, and I think they make me a little bit different to the masses! I live in a hot climate in Australia where I wear flip flops, sandals, and open toed shoes all year around! It doesn’t bother me in the slightest! I dont dig my toes in the sand at the beach – I let them bathe in the sunlight!

    I think in all of my years, only once has someone noticed (other than when I show people). Even if they do notice -so what?? Truly – its not a big deal. In school people would ask about it, but I was always comfortable with it so even if someone tried to tease me about it, the fact that it didn’t bother me meant they would stop fairly soon – ie they didn’t get a reaction so teasing stopped.

    I dont know where I get it from, I am adopted so dont have the opportunity to follow up on the genetics of it. The reason why I googled it today was a few weeks ago I was at a friend of a friends house and discovered she also had webbed toes – it was the first time I have ever met someone like me! (I always assumed it was just me…), what a pleasant surprise to discover there are others out there just like me!

    I think were all special, unique and we should have webbed toe pride!!!!

  164. Jeff says:

    I have twin toes which come from my mother’s Frech Canadian heritage. I have also seen twin toes on other French Canadians. Are there any other French Canadians with twin toes out there?

  165. becky mawson says:

    wow i cant believe this many people have webbed toes! its crazy i have them on the second and third toe on each foot. left foot is the most intense. im starting to accept it now. during my teens it done my head in so much. I can never wear flip flops or sandals which is well anoying. im the only one in the family with it. I went on tv about it aswell when i was 18, done me no favours, people who dont have it dont understand, but i must say that reading this sight has made me feel a heck of a lot better, its good to know im not alone. Apparently every 1 in a 100 people have it. i hope i get a boyfriend one day who digs my toes as much as my brothers do. they are so used to them they think my toes are well funny, in a loving way.hahaha you got to laugh about it. the only anoying thing is when i stand up in the bath when theres water in there they feel like there stretching apart. gross i know but thats how god made me so i just gotta get on wiv life. they have built character in me.

  166. Rebecca says:

    I have web toes, 2nd and 3RD, about 80%. I thought it was only in my family. Then i became massage therapist and to my amazement lots of my clients have them too!! The sad thing is my six year old daughter has them and school children do make remarks about them which is making her very paranoid!!!

  167. Jade says:

    i am only in Highschool and i ahve my 2nd and 3rd toes joined all the way up to the nail line!!! I alwayse wear runners and socks around people as i am very self-consiouse around other people. i hate them!!!! it is great that i found this site because for my whole life i have been wanting to get them seperated. i am also very paranoid that one day someone wll see them and laugh at me when i was in grade 8 my best friend found out that i had them and she called me a freak and swore she wouldnt tell anyone because then she would be teased for hanging out wit me!!!

  168. Dana says:

    Holy cow! There are more like me! I cant believe I never thought to “google” this and find my peers! How fabulous! Its my 2nd and 3rd toes, as well (that seems to be the norm in this) but my toes are incredibly tiny, like 2cm long (I swear! I measured just now) and are cojoined (do we have to say “webbed”?) about halfway. I am one hell of a swimmer, so I say its the toes to those who ask. And I’ve made myself have fun w/ it after a childhood of feeling uncomfortable and different. Now I wear flip-flops and show everyone that walks by! Its a hoot! I have so much to say, but wont clog up this thingy. Please email me and we can share toe stories, have a toe jam. Go team go!!!

  169. Dougal says:

    I’ve created some forums for discussing webbed toes. Hopefully, this will be easier to manage than a bunch of comments on my blog posts.

  170. Joshua says:

    This 2nd & 3rd toe webbing has run in my dads family for serveral generations and I have been told this was
    a cherokke indian trait. There is another family with cherokee heritage that was told the same exact thing.
    So far we have heard that there are dozens of cherokees with this webbing. Maybe this post will lead to a new direction.

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  172. tracy says:

    To Dana, who posted back on October 19! Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one with very very short webbed toes. Mine are tiny to especially the third one on my right foot. I’m happy you are so open minded about showing off your toes. I have had them covered ever since I can remember. How old are you? I am 36. I have 2 girls, and just one of them have webbing, just a little bit. Well write back soon. tj

  173. Rich says:

    I have webbed toes that look exactly like yours: webbed between the 2nd and third up to the first knuckle joint on both feet. Not sure if I am going to get them removed one day, I’ve never had anyone notice except for a girlfriend who noticed mine because she had it too on one foot and I never noticed!

    I have always wondered what it would be like for them to be like the other toes and seperated down to where they were supposed to be. I might have the surgery one year if I don’t plan a vacation.

  174. Tina says:

    Well,I have some shocking news for you all. I have the exact toes in the above picture, so does my mother and sisters and some of my nephews. Well I gave birth to a beautiful boy 5 years ago and he was born with six fingers on each hand and 7 toes on each feet with a lot of webbing! This was quite a shock to us, with some surgeries the extra toes have been removed, but the webbing in the feet were left, due to not necessary. Anyways, being told this is how this deformity in the gene can change and do what it wants.

  175. Sean says:

    Thank you very for the forum. My wife just gave birth to a lovely little boy with webbed toes – second and third toes. You can’t really tell from the top of the feet. You have to look at them from the bottom. I tried to do a search on web md about this genetic anomoly and a lot of scary syndromes came up. Is this a pretty common thing? You all seem pretty normal to me! I don’t know anyone else in my family with this condition. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sean

  176. Anne says:

    Hi everyone,

    My son was born with webbing between the 2nd and 3rd toes on the left foot only. I don’t know anyone in mine or my husbands family who has this. He was also born with a heart condition and has had lots of genetic testing and chromosome tests which have all come back normal. The drs seem to think that because he has the webbing with a heart condition that he must have some syndrome………they don’t know which one though. I think he is fine.
    I had problems early on in the pregnancy, and started to have a miscarriage at 6 weeks, and then it stopped………it was such a miracle. I feel that this caused my sons problems.

    Does anyone else have it only on one toe, not on both? it seems most people have it on both feet.
    I’m from Australia πŸ™‚

    Anne –

  177. Anne says:

    Hi everyone,

    My son was born with webbing between the 2nd and 3rd toes on the left foot only. I don’t know anyone in mine or my husbands family who has this. He was also born with a heart condition and has had lots of genetic testing and chromosome tests which have all come back normal. The drs seem to think that because he has the webbing with a heart condition that he must have some syndrome………they don’t know which one though. I think he is fine.
    I had problems early on in the pregnancy, and started to have a miscarriage at 6 weeks, and then it stopped………it was such a miracle. I feel that this caused my sons problems.

    Does anyone else have it only on one toe, not on both? it seems most people have it on both feet.
    I’m from Australia πŸ™‚

    Anneliese –

  178. Rebecca says:

    This is wonderful! I have the exact same toes as in the photo, except ‘pretty girl feet’. When I was a child, I would make up excuses in P.E. to get out of taking off my socks, (which is gross anyway.) I am almost 31 years old, and have just come to accept and love my feet in the last several years. It wasn’t until I was about 25 that I started wearing flip-flops, and I still can’t wear some styles of open-toed sandals, just because it looks goofy. I feel sorry for the people that have opted to surgically alter what they were born with, when it really isn’t such a ‘deformity’. I realized that most people don’t even notice my toes, and if even when I point them out, it takes them a second to understand what I’m talking about.
    I am also of Irish decent, but I’m the only person in my family that I know of with ‘stuck-toes’. I can’t swim to save my life, as I have developed a water phobia after two near-drowning incidents, but I used to be able to swim well. It’s also funny that people mentioned the toe socks… if anyone asks me ‘do they hurt?’ ‘doesn’t that feel weird’, I always reply “The only problem I have is that I can’t wear those cute stripey toe socks” (and I’ve always meant to modify a pair just for laughs!) It is somewhat ignorant of people to ask if it feels ‘weird’, what other way should they feel? This is all I know.

  179. Rebecca says:

    oh, and I was also born with a heart condition, which I outgrew. I really wonder if they are connected. Maybe we should all list our health conditions… hehe

  180. Jackie says:

    Oh thank you so much for doing this site. I have a lovely baby granddaughter Natalie who has twin toes on both feet and we dont have anyone in our family with this “little quirk of nature”. I did worry about it, thinking it might be related to another foot disorder. At 4 months old one foot has started to arch in half way down, therefore I think we will have to seek treatment. Seeing your site,I realise the toes dont matter any more.

  181. elle says:

    I am yet another person with second and third toes on both feet webbed almost all the way up, and as a child I used to be very self conscious, but now I love my fabulous toes! I was adopted, but I know that my mother was of English descent. They have no negative affect on me at all, and I would never separate them. Another famous web toe is Dan Ackroyd. Be proud, webbed ones, we are unique!

  182. Lita says:

    I too have webbed toes on both feet. My dad had them and my daughter has them. We are absolutely special people!

  183. Dougal says:

    I’m closing comments on these blog posts in favor of the forums that I set up for this purpose. The forums will allow you to have discussions in a more structured format.

    Go: Geek Ramblings Forums

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