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Susan and I watched Monk last night. It was entertaining, and the title character hooks you in by being extremely quirky (something that actor Tony Shalhoub seems to be adept at). I was a little disappointed that I was able to guess who the killer was, almost as soon as we saw him. Hopefully the other episodes aren’t that transparent.

In case you’re wondering, the episode we saw was Mr. Monk and the Other Woman. Spoiler alert: the plot descriptions on the web site give away the entire story, including the identity of the killer.

As an interesting side note, USA Networks is actually encouraging Monk fan sites, and they provide logos, banners, and character images. That’s a nice change of pace from certain other networks who would threaten lawsuits against people who set up fan sites devoted to a certain pair of FBI agents or to a certain dysfunctional cartoon family. Doh!

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