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Monthly Archives: September 2002

Real World CSS

For anyone who is still mired in the HTML Tag Soup of old-style web page design, the question, “Why should I switch to using CSS” often arises. Here’s an excelent real world example. [via] It’s true that busting your butt to make a webpage fully XHTML (or even HTML 4.0) compliant might not be “necessary” for your application. And I don’t necessarily agree with those who cry “tables are evil!”. Those of us working … Continue reading


Do you use Firewire peripherals? Don’t let Hubzilla eat them. Disclaimers: *Charismac claims no responsibility for broken personal or business related property should Hubzilla go on a rampage. As always, a clean and fed Hubzilla results in a happy Hubzilla. **Please keep small children away from Hubzilla, just in case.

The First Smiley

Pretty much everybody these days can recognize a smiley when they see one: 🙂 After much painstaking research, the original invention and usage of the smiley has been rediscovered, from September 19, 1982 at CMU

New Site Features

You might have noticed a couple of new things here recently. The first, and more obvious one, is the little [b] links in the postings. Clicking one will pop up a window containing links to other sites where the related link has been discussed. This feature courtesy of Blogdex. The second feature is for those of you who arrived here via a search engine. You should find that your search terms are automagically highlighted on … Continue reading

Hold the Button

Got some time to waste? Visit It’s pretty self-explanatory once you get there.