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8 Responses to Hold the Button

  1. Anonymous says:

    This thing is 😈

  2. pajina says:

    okay, that hold the button thing is awesome! i beat 79% of the others who played. I’m special.

  3. Shannon MacDonald says:

    So today in bizniz class we are typing our work and this kid beside me says hey
    go to so i go to it then a nother kid went then a nother then a nother in no time my whole class was on EVEN THE TEACHER! and i got up to 12:03 and this kid got jelous and hit mi hand I WAS SOOO MAD … but styll i held the button for longer than 50% of hold the button users…that was the proudest moment of mi life now if you will exuse me i have to hold the button!

  4. wow says:

    wow, this is the stupidest website ever

  5. Joe Mamma says:

    I recently discoveered a code to Hold The Button. If you right click your mouse while still holding the button it will let you let go and the clock will still tick. Once you click your mouse again the time will stop. O YEAHH! I Rule!

  6. jamie says:

    hey!-found completely by accident i reccomend this to some more competitive gamers just right click whilst holding the button and itll carry on while u use other programms aslong as u dnt hit the mouse!!

  7. jamie says:

    me again! try this one its harder n u cant cheat it which makes it slightly more entertaining during times of boredom

  8. Mira says:

    Joe Mamma: …I knew that since I first went to the site. And if you click the mouse again on the button and don’t release, sometimes it stays holding 😀

    Jamie: It dosn’t carry on for me though, since I have to click in order to change my program.

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