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BMG Rolls Out Protected CDs in Europe

Music giant BMG is apparently poised to implement copy protection in all of its European CDs. I bet that a lot of Europeans can expect to have problems with it, despite BMGs claims that the CDs are Red Book compliant.

I’m not in Europe, but I already have a couple of CDs that give me trouble, despite the fact that (to my knowledge) they do not contain copy protection. The CDs in question are Barnaked Ladies’ “Maroon” and Rush’s “Vapor Trails” (and I think there was a third one that gave me trouble, but I can’t think of what it was at the moment). I was able to rip both of those CDs to MP3s with no trouble. But they refuse to play in my car player — a 10-disk model from Sony, which you’d think would be able to play pretty much anything out there.

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