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I still hate Netscape 4

So I spent a few minutes modifying my template to give my blog better semantics. I use header elements for blog entry titles, the date & author are in a <cite> element, the menu uses lists and header elements. I cleaned up the CSS to the point that there aren’t even any warnings any more.

So of course Netscape 4 didn’t see the styles anymore. Oh well. At least it saw a fairly well-structured document. So then I investigated a littler more and figured out that NS4 was choking on the Simplified Box Model Hack. When I then used a comment hack to hide the SBMH from NS4, I discovered that it doesn’t understand "background-color: inherit", and rendered a goodly portion of the page with a putrid neon green background. Sooooo, I’ve inserted more comment hacks to hide the inherited properties from NS4.

So, to anybody browsing this page with that majorly outdated browser, “you’re frickin’ welcome.”

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6 Responses to I still hate Netscape 4

  1. brent says:

    fucking goddam fucking netscape!

  2. Slider says:

    I hope your not doing the NS4 crap for me. I finally jettisoned that load earlier this year.

  3. dougal says:

    No, I’m not doing it for anybody in particular (though I know that Zot is one of those NS4 using bastiches). I just figure that since about one out of twenty visitors to my page uses it, I should at least make a token efrort to keep the page from falling completely apart for them.

  4. Ronaldo Ferraz says:

    That is why my blog doesn’t support styles for Netscape 4 users. The site is still accessible but not styled. Too much trouble to mantain those hacks.

  5. dougal says:

    Yeah, there may come a day when I either give NS4 a *very* limited stylesheet, or none at all. But for now I’m able to give them something that’s at least a reasonable(?) facsimile of what modern browsers see.

  6. Pearl says:

    How in the living heck do I migrate back from Netscape 7.1 Mail & Newsgroups to OutlookXP with all my stuff? I’ve tried downloading v4 but the server times out. I’ve tried going message by message and saving them to a folder but I’ve got a life and more important things to do than sit here for a couple of days doing that. Please tell me there is another way! Technical support is a mirage – one you have to pay for before you sort of see in the distance. Why is there no “save background as”? The constant freezing, crashing, auto-restarting piece of C-R-A-P has me so frustrated I want to reach out and sucker punch the ding dongs who created it!

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