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Monthly Archives: February 2003

Cleaning up HTML

Quite some time ago, I coded up a PHP function that attempts to filter out potential nastiness in comments posted to MyPHPBlog sites (like this one). It’s mainly to keep people from injecting javascript into comments which could trigger Cross-Site Scripting problems. But I’ve never been completely satisfied with my solution. What I really wanted was a function that would not only filter for security, but would also turn the input into valid XHTML, automagically. … Continue reading


I just found out that I’m linked from photo matt. Cool. Thanks for the linkage 🙂

Tables vs. CSS

“I would like to get away from tables all together. Does anyone know of any examples of markup for a tableless calendar?” Where did this notion come from that if you are designing web pages using CSS that tables become some unmentionable evil to be avoided at all costs? There is a difference between the idea of “tableless layout” and “all tables are bad”. Tables are still a part of the HTML specs, and serve … Continue reading


Sheesh, this has been a busy week. And it probably won’t be over until next week. We’re getting to roll out a new web site redesign at my work, so my team has been trying to crank through everything looking out for last-minute bugs and preparing the server for the switchover. We’re doing the switch on Tuesday morning, so Monday will probably be pretty hectic. At least I’m finally starting to get over my sinus … Continue reading

Web Design-o-rama

Netscape has redesigned their DevEdge site with loads of standards-compliant goodness. Their hybrid CSS/DHTML menus are exactly what I’ve been looking for! Wow, not only do they use proper semantic markup for the menu structure, but advanced browsers (i.e. Mozilla-based) will still get the dropdowns even if Javascript is disabled. I believe the technical term for this is “cool sh*t”.


Today, I’d like to talk a little about the subject of ADD, or Attention Deficit Disord–Hey, cookies!


I’ve finally reached a milestone on a Perl project for my friend Paul over at Big Huge Games. Maybe one day I’ll have time to play their game, Rise of Nations. I haven’t played a game in forever…. No time for games right now. Time for sleep. Yay sleep.

All your audio are belong to us

Audioscrobbler wants to know what you’re listening to. They’ve got a Winamp plugin (and one for XMMS) that keeps track of what artists you listen to, and aggregates statistics from all the Audioscrobbler users. You can view statistics on their web site to discover what artists are most popular, or get Artist Similarity Maps to find other artists that you might like.

Space Shuttle Columbia

I really wasn’t ready to see flags at half-mast again. I hope that it’s some small consolation to the families of the crew members that they wanted to be there, despite the risks. Several years ago, I wrote a haiku about the Challenger disaster. It fits Columbia, as well: January chill: Seven begin a journey, never to return.