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Sheesh, this has been a busy week. And it probably won’t be over until next week. We’re getting to roll out a new web site redesign at my work, so my team has been trying to crank through everything looking out for last-minute bugs and preparing the server for the switchover. We’re doing the switch on Tuesday morning, so Monday will probably be pretty hectic.

At least I’m finally starting to get over my sinus infection. The doctor prescribed Sudal for my congestion, and I found that it was keeping me up at night. After I figured out that it was the Sudal that gave me insomnia, I stopped taking it at night, and took some Tylenol P.M. and got a couple decent night’s sleep. But I’m still not completely caught up on rest though. Maybe I can get in a nap on Saturday (yeah, right, like that’s going to happen 🙂

In other news, since Susan got me that ZipZap for Christmas, I’ve been getting into the micro r/c thing. I’m going to try my first serious mod this weekend — I’m trying to adapt a Hot Wheels Car Tunerz body to fit on the ZipZap motorized chassis. If I can make it fit, it should look pretty slick. I’ll have to get some pics up here one of these days.

That’s what’s new with me. How about you?

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