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Scott Adams Speaks Out

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, speaks out about terrorism in his latest newsletter:

“Peer pressure is the most powerful force on the planet, and we need
to use it to our advantage. For example, I recommend that the
Western media and politicians stop using the menacing-yet-cool
phrase “Al-Qaeda” and start referring to the group as the
“frickin’ Induhviduals.”

Like the proverbial dog chasing a car, the Induhviduals haven’t
considered what would happen if they caught one. For example,
let’s say they (the Induhviduals, not the dogs) accomplish their
stated goal of destroying the economies of the Western world. Is
that really a good plan for people who live in a desert and import
most of their food?

Just for the record, if I’m down to my last potato, I’m not sharing
it with a guy who wants to kill me so he can get a better supply
of virgins in paradise. That lesson is a little thing I call
Economics 101, infidel style.”

I’d suggest that Mr. Adams should run for president, but I’m guessing that he’d rather not do that, because he would be forced to deal with the D.C. Induhviduals too much. So, if you want to learn more about his insightful views on our world, you should sign up for the DNRC Newsletter.

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