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Asynchronous Pings

Hey, Dave Winer — how about implementing a method of invoking the ping that doesn’t do an immediate site check? It could just return a success code, then queue the request for processing. A cron job could then reap the queue every few minutes in an efficient multi-threaded way, and add the legitimately updated sites to the list.

This would eliminate the long wait and the associated timeouts for pinging clients, and hopefully would also reduce load on the server as well, since you would be able to pool database accesses.

You would, of course, still leave the original method available, for those who just can’t stand the thought of waiting more than one minute for their site update to be seen by the world.

Hmmm…. Of course, I doubt that Dave Winer is going to see this, since I’m tracking back to LazyWeb, and Winer and Ben Hammersley have a blood-feud going.

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3 Responses to Asynchronous Pings

  1. Julian Bond says:

    If Google did[1], you can be sure they’d do something like this.

    It points up a critical need in sync web services for a fast return. especially when the source of the client request is a user.

    [1]Yes, please. Be able to ping google and say “I’ve changed, please index me now”. This idea is already in Lazyweb somewhere and is rumoured to be in Google R&D already.

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