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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Eye Candy

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found some cool screen savers for Windows XP (well, for any Win32 system, really). Actually, I was searching for how to write my own screen saver, and I found a page full of screen savers. I particularly liked TwinkleGL, Rotating Galaxies, and ZoneRings. Then a few days ago, I ran across references to ZMatrix and Drempels over on Matt’s site. These two are more than just screen savers — … Continue reading

Blue Screen of Death

I got my first BSOD under Windows XP today. It’s a little darker blue, and the font was different than blue screens under Windows NT. I would have taken a screenshot, but MY COMPUTER WAS CRASHED.

AOL Axes Netscape

The big news in the web development community right now is that Netscape is dead. AOL is laying off or reassigning employees that were working on the browser. On the bright side, Mozilla (the Open Source codebase upon which the Netscape software was based) is still very much alive and kicking. Mozilla has been my browser-of-choice for some time now.

BlogShares Givaway and Strategy

Okay, payouts went out this morning to my three new linkers (well, two new and one old). I gave each of you shares in 3 different blogs (and you each got different stocks than the others, so I gave out shares in 9 different blogs, altogether). I tried to diversify the stocks — high-priced, middle-priced, and low-priced. You’ll have to determine for yourselves whether the stocks are worth hanging onto, or whether you should immediately … Continue reading

Free Blogshares Stocks

Updated Aug 23, 2003 Okay, I’ve been playing with BlogShares for a while now, and I’ve managed to get myself up to at little over $60M (at the time of this writing). But I’m getting pretty bored with it. While I have discovered some interesting new sites via my Blogshares explorations, I haven’t seen a surge of linkbacks like I was hoping. So I’m going to resort to bribery. Want some free stock? Link to … Continue reading