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Free Blogshares Stocks

Updated Aug 23, 2003

Okay, I’ve been playing with BlogShares for a while now, and I’ve managed to get myself up to at little over $60M (at the time of this writing). But I’m getting pretty bored with it. While I have discovered some interesting new sites via my Blogshares explorations, I haven’t seen a surge of linkbacks like I was hoping. So I’m going to resort to bribery.

Want some free stock? Link to me, and I’ll gift you some.

How to cash in

Here are the “rules” (such as they are):

  • You must be a BlogShares player, and you must have a blog listed on BlogShares
  • You must add a link to one of my sites (see below) to your blogroll
  • Post a comment to this post to notify me of the link (don’t forget to include your URL!)
  • When the Blogshares server registers the link (see below), I will gift you some shares

Where to link:

You may choose to link one or more of my sites:

  • geek ramblings: Mostly about programming and web design, with other topics randomly thrown in at my whim.
  • The Temple of Gunters: Mostly meme links to funny junk or articles about beer.
  • The War on Spam: An anti-spam resource with links to news, tools, other anti-spam sites, etc.

Notifying Blogshares

After you add the link(s) to your blogroll, you can use my handy-dandy Service Pinger to ask the BlogShares server to re-index your site. Just enter the name of your blog, it’s URL, and check the “BlogShares” box. The BlogShares server is picky about the URL. You must enter it in the form exactly as it appears in the BlogShares information page about your site’s stock, else you’ll get an “Unknown blog” error.

Other Notes

The amount, value, and quality of the shares that I gift will be pretty random. But you’re getting them for free, so you shouldn’t have anything to complain about, right? I promise to gift at least $25,000 $1,000,000 worth of stock from my portfolio, and possibly as much as $500K $5,000,000, diversified among several stocks, and it will not be stock in my own blogs (unless you specifically request that, perhaps). Remember, this is a bribe! So, I might be persuaded to gift more if you link more than one site, or if your site presents similar topics of interest, or if you post a message on your blog talking about how wonderful my sites are, etc. Linking to this post so that it gets spread around more is worth points, too. Feel free to be creative. And in case you’re concerned, the BlogShares admins do not consider this cheating. One of BlogShares’ goals is to encourage cross-linking, and selling linkage in this manner is perfectly acceptable within the rules of the game.

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