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Back to being a land lubber

All the piratey goings-on yesterday were great fun. Judging by how slow the Talk Like a Pirate Day web site was running yesterday, it must have been a great success all around. My whole family, from my kids all the way up to my in-laws, spoke like pirates. And our teenaged niece told us that a bunch of the kids at her school were into it.

In case you missed the fun here on geek ramblings, I have a way you can view the site in pirate mode. I have some other versions available, as well: Jive, Swedish Chef, Kraut, and Fudd.

I still have to make some adjustments to the filters, as they can break some of the HTML. The Fudd filter in particular is bad about that because it changes ‘<a href=”…”>’ into ‘<a hwef=”…”>’ Doh!

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