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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’ve set a lofty resolution for this year: I’m going to try to lose one pound per week. I currently weigh about 270 pounds. I’d like to get down below 225. My wife thinks I’ll be too thin at 215, but I’m thinking 200 might be closer to ideal. We’ll see.

The key is going to be finding time to get some exercise. I’ve been monitoring my weight over the past six months, and my eating habits aren’t too bad, overall (okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have had that pork BBQ sandwich for lunch 😉 ). If I can just start getting some regular exercise in, to burn off more calories, I should do okay.

At some point, I’ll probably rig up a dynamically updated chart here on this webpage to act as extra incentive. That was one thing that helped when I decided to quit smoking several years ago: I made it known to all my friends that I was going to quit. That gave me a major dis-incentive to backslide.

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