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MyDoom? No. Somebody else’s doom.

This new “MyDoom” virus that’s going around is pissing me off. No, I haven’t been infected — both my home and work email addresses are well protected against such things. But I *am* getting tons of messages that are warnings about incoming viruses caught by my filters. I cleaned out about 800 warnings this morning, and I’ve received about 20 or 30 more since then.

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3 Responses to MyDoom? No. Somebody else’s doom.

  1. Ronaldo says:

    Same here. In a slow dialup connection it can be a pain, and I’m trying to remember to delete them using the webmail instead on downloading tons of 30KB messages.

  2. kitta says:

    Yep, same with me. I got about 400 this morning. I use a mail washer though, set up a filter to delete them all. 🙂

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