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Sushi @ Kyoto

Last night I went with my coworkerJason to Kyoto Sushi, which recently opened up in Dothan. The atmosphere is very nice, with beautiful wood beams, sushi bar, and wall decorations. We each ordered a variety of sushi, some miso soup, and I ordered some gyoza (pan-fried pork dumplings), which we shared.

Jason had spicy tuna roll, ebi tem roll (shrimp tempura), and some salmon nigiri (rice with fish on top). I had the super crunch roll (steamed shrimp, cucumber, and tempura bits, with tuna and salmon sashimi on top), Miami roll (fried red snapper, avacado, and roe), and some unagi (eel) nigiri.

Everything was excellent. The rolls weren’t rolled quite as tight as most I’ve had before, but they held together just fine. The spicy tuna was hot enough to clear your sinuses, but not so hot that you didn’t want to eat it. The tuna and salmon on the super crunch roll was velvet-smooth, a great creamy texture, and the unagi had a just the right amount of fishy taste to it.

I’m anxious to go back sometime and try some of their other food. In addition to sushi, they serve tempura, teriyaki, and several other types of entrées.

If you are in southeast Alabama, and want some sushi, this is the place to go.

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