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Drippy Haybath!

“You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too!”

Happy Birthday to me! When I was two years old, I sat in front of the television as man took his first steps on the moon. I’ll leave the math to you.

When I was in college, our friend Martin took a “Happy Birthday” banner made of colorful cardboard letters, and rearranged it to read “Drippy Haybath”. Ever since then, it has been the tradition of my college friends to wish each other a Drippy Haybath. This is the kind of undying tradition that can only be born of beer and boredom. Well, except that Martin was a teetotaler. So he didn’t have any beer.

Update, 08:40

The WordPress crew wishes me a happy birthday

Awwww, thanks everybody 🙂

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