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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Weight Goal

Missed my weight goal again. Only lost half a pound since last Monday. I was kind of surprised that my weight was up this morning compared to yesterday, because we ate a lot of vegetables and fruit over the weekend. I’m guessing that it was probably just some water weight, though.

Someone else’s shoes

I haven’t really talked much about religion here before. I mostly stick to technical or fun themes. But I ran across this great post earlier today when I was surfing Eric Meyer’s blogroll: I’d like you to imagine something for a moment. Take a relatively close loved one – not your closest loved one, or your best friend, but someone who you like a lot and have affection for. It could be your brother, it … Continue reading

IIS5: A call for help

Is there anybody out there who is familiar with using CGI’s implemented as DLLs under IIS? We have some programs on our IIS4 server that I am trying to migrate to an IIS5 Server (Windows 2000). But when I try to use them, I get errors. One of them returns a HTTP 405 error (which IIS shows as “Resource not allowed”, but the standard for a 405 is “Method not allowed”). The other one just … Continue reading

Super Bowl Ads

If you’re anything like me, then you didn’t give a flying flip about the Super Bowl. I was mildly interested in the commercials, but I knew that I’d be able to see them on the internet, eventually. (thanks for the link, Suze!)

WordPress CSS Style Competition Winners

Alex has announced the winners of the WordPress CSS Style Competition. Voting was difficult, as there were many excellent entries. I was pleased to see that two of my favorites (Rubric and Human Condition) were winners.

Weight Goal

After a particularly stressful time last week (including our son being in the hospital for 30 hours), I lost zero weight. 😕 I think things might calm down again now. Back to eating soup for lunch…

Birthday Goodies

I must acknowledge that my wife is exceptionally cool. The birthday gifts she got for me: Quicksilver, by Neil Stephenson Army of Darkness: Boomstick Edition DVD P.O.D., Payable On Death CD Supreme Power, issues 1-6, including both the regular and special editions of issue #1 Thanks, Suze!

Weight Goal

I somehow managed to stay on track over my birthday weekend, and I’ve lost 1.1 pounds since last Monday. Yay me 😀