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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Blog Pingorama

I found some more fodder for my Blog Service Pinger: I just ran across Neil’s Pinging service rundown, which in turn links to an article about pinging on UtterlyBoring. There are a couple of ping services mentioned there that I will be adding. Things should get interesting when I create my uber-ping service… On a side note, we’re currently working on enhancements to the WordPress interface for pinging services about your blog posts.

Post Meta

Spent some lunch hours this week working on “post meta” hacks for WordPress. This will allow users to add arbitrary extra fields to their blog posts. Stuff like “current mood”, “now reading”, “listening to”, etc. Some prototype functions have been added to CVS, but the interface for actually adding data to posts hasn’t been done yet. We’re still discussing exactly how we’re going to implement the template functions for the new data. In my test … Continue reading

Most Useless Preloaded Windows App?

Today’s poll on ‘Which preloaded Windows program is the most useless?’ As a web developer, I know which app I’m voting for! 😆

You learn something new every day

Last night, I was helping my wife with some PHP code for an email form. To create the email message, I had her use a heredoc, which is a convenient way to put a large block of text into a variable, while interpolating other variables into it. But it was giving us errors. What we discovered is that you can’t do this: $message = <<<MSG Hello $postvars[‘FirstName’] MSG; Even though heredocs can accept other complex … Continue reading

94% Dixie

I just took the Yankee or Dixie quiz. It correctly deduced that I am 94% Dixie.

Settlement Check

Yesterday, I received a check in the mail which was my portion of the CD Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation. I posted something in relation to this over a year ago. The settlement check is in the amount of $13.86, which (ironically enough) is not enough to buy a new CD.

Weight Goal

Bah. Not only did I not lose a pound this week, I actually gained 0.1 pounds. 🙁 Retroactively posted. Real post date: 01 March, 2004 @ 21:10:30 CST

Blog Service Pinger Enhancements

Doc has suggested that I add an XML-RPC interface to my Blog Service Pinger. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that myself. When time allows (i.e., I’ll work on it in my Copious Free Time), I’ll add a compatible ping interface that will allow you to ping all supported services in one fell swoop. I also plan to add an introspection call which will list the supported services, and another call which … Continue reading

It’s the little things…

I am constantly surprised at the number of websites out there that don’t bother to set a background-color on their pages. Why do I care? I don’t know. But it just seems to me that it’s a detail that every web designer should attend to. Here’s how a web site without a default background color looks to me. You see, I like to be sure that I don’t forget to set the background color for … Continue reading

Site Updates

I’ve made several new updates to this site over the last few days. There’s nothing major, but I thought I’d point them out. Added a contact form. Added a donation page. Added a new “Buttons” category to the menu, and moved/added several links into it. Updated XFN metadata for my blogroll links. Re-enabled pings to Blogshares in the Blog Service Pinger. Added My Yahoo! ping to Blog Service Pinger. Created link buttons for the Blog … Continue reading