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18 Responses to dotcanada sucks

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  2. MaThIbus says:

    Yeah I read it via Matt’s blog. That sucks indeed…:evil:

  3. MaThIbus says:

    Yeah I read it via Matt’s blog. That sucks indeed…:evil:

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  5. gavin says:

    Hopefully Matt will correct his blog. dotcanada did *not* ban WordPress, just 1 “running amok” install and continues to host many sites running WordPress. (Sucks is such a loaded word :neutral:)

  6. john says:

    Ya, I’m very unimpressed with Dotcanada’s service. Threre sever is ALWAYS down. It’s frusterateing
    for people like me who are running a busines online and pay for advertising. When people click on ads, I pay, but if dot canada is down, my site can’t be displayed. It looks so unprofessional on my behalf. I’m going to look into getting out of my contract tomorrow (I’d love to tonight, but they stop ansering their phones at 5).

    I wouldn’t not recomend for anyone trying to run a business. If you don’t care about “up time” maybe they are for you.

    Anyways, Just wanted to add my 2cents.

  7. Andrew says:

    The last comment sums up dot canada’s service… It’s horrible. I’ve had problems since day one as well. They are VERY slow. There customer service is great but it’s too bad I have to call them so often. There hosting package sucks. there is no other way to describe it. Even though it’s cheap, it’s a complete waste of money.

    my 2 cents.. for what’s it’s worth

  8. Anton says:

    They do indeed suck. Our site was down for almost a week and all they had to do was move it to a new server… which they refused to do for days.

  9. Quebirds says:

    Different experiences ……… I have about 8 sites hosted at dotcanada – never a problem, always up and running, great and helpful suppport. What else do you need?

  10. Erling says:

    Yeah suck they do.

    Most of their sites were down for weeks and they didn’t even answer support-queries or send out emails to us customers. Worst service ever. Later as they were transferring our sites to a “new and better server” they managed to corrupt our database and of course there were no backup. Worst service ever!
    We have now moved all our stuff and will be cancelling our reseller-account soon – don’t trust them!

    The reason I ended up at this page btw is that my email is no longer working and I have to get in contact with their support. Wish me luck :-/


  11. Canadian says:

    Looking at their company news, needs to be rebooted every a few days. My Exchange server was set to pull email from them every 15 minutes, in the last 3 days, my server could only get my mail twice a day. I tried to send test messages to my email address in the last few days, they are either bounced back or get trapped somewhere and delivered only half a day later. By looking at the messages you guys left here, it seems to me they are not able to fix their problems. Whatever multiple servers, redundancies, backup services, all that marketing BS seems to be used to attract and fail Canadian business owners. I will definitely tell Costco to STOP refering their Executive members to this trap.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i too am having issues… looks like something is up over there as their support voicemail box is full and the support page has been suspended:

    so my question is; what is a good hosting company in canada? suggestions pleeeeze.


  13. Eric says:

    I have been with DOTCANADA for 3 years. Thank to DOTCANADA, recently their servers were down for 3 days, hard drives crashed, they lost all my data there. Luckily I have my own backup because I already had this problem with DOTCANADA before. Their support only respond in office hours. The good things are their package is cheap and their support is good and quick (in office hours and when they are not busy) and really offer what they promised 99.9 uptime by 2 months free. They keep changing in their servers and technology, it’s both good amd bad. You may got new stuffs to use, however, you always lost something that they are no longer support.
    If you just need a website just for testing or personal website for fun, it’s ok. If you need the website for making money, think twice.

  14. robert says:

    I agree, for running a business online expect to loose money with Nothing but problems from day 1. Make sure you back up your site and data.

  15. Martin says:

    In short, I agree with everybody else. DotCanada caused me nothing but problems. I signed up through their Costco package, and was more down that up (I did the math, 31 days with them, 19 of which were down). I run a business website, and looked very stupid in front of my clients. I got the Better Business Bureau involved and got my money back. I also wrote a letter to Costco, which they are following up on (I was surprised, but they called me last week).

  16. David says:

    Add one more voice to the chorus. dotCanada was pretty good when I originally signed up a couple of years ago. But the quality of service has steadily deteriorated since then. The final straw for me came during the week of July 25. My business’s website and e-mail service went down on the Monday. I submitted a support ticket marked “urgent”; that was not responded to for over a day. I made a follow up phone call to support; that went to voice mail, and was finally replied to by e-mail two days later. Several times I tried the “Live Support Online” chat function on their website; no one ever picked up. When the services came back up mid-week, I contacted them about recovering some missing e-mail; to make a long story short, they eventually informed me that they unable to recover any lost e-mail from the servers when they went back up, and further claimed that the backups were also corrupt. So much for the RAID-5 servers they claim to have. At the end of that week, I moved my sites to, which has been a blessed relief so far. Not only has support been orders of magnitude better, the cost for hosting two websites is significantly less than I was paying dotCanada. Can you guess the punchline? I informed dotCanada in writing one month in advance of the end of my term that I would not be renewing, and instructed them not to bill me. Today I received notice that they went ahead and charged my credit card for another year of service. So a good deal of today has spent making phone calls and writing e-mails to get that straightened out. Good riddance.

  17. Andrew says: is the worst webhost I have ever used by far. They are scammers of the first order. Downtime is absolutely the worst with them. My sites have been down at leat once a month, their email servers also stop working almost weekly. They never inform their customers that they are messing around to “newer, faster and better servers” constantly. I can’t count the number of tickets I’ve had to submit to them over the years. They are friendly and try to be helpful over the phone and with emails, and stupidly that may be why I never finally closed my accounts. I’ve also had the same problem, after they confirmed receiving my request to stop billing me, they went ahead and billed again for another year. Recently they migrated my sites to a new server, never made a backup, never contacted me to tell me they were doing that, and then they claim that they don’t have access to the old servers to backup my sites. Weeks of work down the drain. I would never trust them with an e-commerce site or for anything serious, because they are a joke. DotCanada does indeed SUCK!

  18. gun says:

    i used to work there, they really really really suck

    im not sure they even know what they are doing.

    once they have you money, the stop caring.

    ownership is all about getting money for no work. and they have proven it time and time again.

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