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Help the Hunter Become the Hunted

Since I expect I’m getting a lot of new visitors here due to the recent launch of Ping-O-Matic, and the associated linkage thereof, I guess this would be a good time to ask for some help.

For various reasons, too complicated to detail here at this time, I am relocating my family. Specifically, we are moving to Woodstock, Georgia (in the northwest Atlanta area). This is not just an “I’m thinking about relocating” kind of thing. This is an “I’ve already signed a lease” kind of thing. This is an “I need a new job ASAP” kind of thing.

I’ve been submitting resumes to Atlanta area companies, but I haven’t even had so much as a nibble yet. The nice lady at the Georgia Department of Labor seemed pretty impressed by my resume (.doc, .pdf, and I’ve got a profile on LinkedIn), and though I’m obviously biased, I think it looks pretty good, too. So I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t even had a single call for an interview yet.

So, if you are an employer (or know of one) who needs a web developer / programmer / system admin / network admin / database admin with quite a broad range of skills and a knack for coercing disparate systems into talking to each other, I’d love to hear from you!

And in case you’re wondering, there’s nothing wrong with my current employer, really. I really expected to be here for many years to come. But my family comes first, and we are moving to serve our family’s needs. So, we’re moving, even if I have to get a McJob and live off of ramen noodles. But I’d much rather have a job that involves blinkenlights and programming reference books. 🙂

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