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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Pingy Goodness

I’m putting the final touches on a new incarnation of my Blog Service Pinger, in coordination with fellow WordPress developer, Matt Mullenweg. This will be the first step of a completely new evolution of the pinger. We’ll be taking the covers off on Tuesday, April 20. Check back then for the big news!

Weight Goal

I forgot to post this on Monday. I usually back-date the entry when that happens, but I won’t bother this time. I gained 0.2 pounds of muscle-mass since the previous Monday. Yay me! Either that, or I ate too much at Easter dinner, and I gained 0.2 pounds of fat. Boo me. Weight as of Monday, April 12: 263.4 lbs.


I was checking my stats and saw that my traffic was roughly twice as high as usual over the last few days. After some investigation of my referrer logs, I found out why: My Blog Service Pinger got linked by Anil Dash and, and is currently at number 13 on Blogdex. For those of you who actually went beyond the pinger and are looking at my blog, Welcome! Come back soon. I’ve got some … Continue reading

Weight Goal

I had some sort of unexplained jump in my weight early last week, so I’m actually up a half pound since last Monday. 😕 I really don’t know what happened. Oh well. I’m restocked on soups and other lo-cal meals and snacks at work. And Susan and I are planning to start getting up and exercising before work. That should fix things up. Current weight: 263.2 (my weight was 270.8 on January 5, which is … Continue reading

Quick end-of-the-week update

I apologize for the slow week. I’ve been quite busy at work, so not much time for outside projects. I usually spend part of my lunch hour on WordPress or other personal stuff, but I spent my lunches this week with coworkers, or debugging problems on a server. Plus, my wife was finalizing a big project of her own, so she needed the computer at home a lot more than I did. Oh yeah, and … Continue reading