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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Eaten by my job

Yeah, yeah — I haven’t written much this week. We have a big huge system conversion going on at work, and the project has eaten the entire IT department. We’re changing our primary business platform from a mainframe to an iSeries. Since we have web applications which communicate with the mainframe, these must be modified to work with the new system. We also decided that this would be a good time to upgrade our web … Continue reading

Help the Hunter Become the Hunted

Since I expect I’m getting a lot of new visitors here due to the recent launch of Ping-O-Matic, and the associated linkage thereof, I guess this would be a good time to ask for some help. For various reasons, too complicated to detail here at this time, I am relocating my family. Specifically, we are moving to Woodstock, Georgia (in the northwest Atlanta area). This is not just an “I’m thinking about relocating” kind of … Continue reading

Ping Thing Bling Bling

Currently, Ping-O-Matic is at #5 on Blogdex, and at #22 on Popdex. And some of the linkage is coming from the top of the food chain: Jeffrey Zeldman, Haiko Hebig, paranoidfish, The Man in Blue, François Hodierne, Tantek Çelik, and many others. Update @ 9:42pm CDT: Up to #4 on Popdex, and at #9 in the Daypop Top 40.

Time for a new laptop

A few years ago, I got a laptop for Susan. It was pretty low-powered, even for its time — a 133MHz Pentium system. But even though it wasn’t terribly powerful, we got some use out of it, mainly for the kids go play games on, or for us to do some late-night web surfing from the comfort of our bedroom. That’s what we were going to do this weekend. I was going to do some … Continue reading


Announcing… Ping-o-matic! Now, my Blog Service Pinger has its own domain name. Together with Matt Mullenweg, I’ll be adding new features to the pinger over time. Major enhancements in the current version: Your blog name and uri are stored in cookies, and automagically filled in for you when you return. The pinger output dynamically appears in your browser as each ping completes. You no longer have to wait for all of the pings to complete … Continue reading


Just ran across some good press for PHP and MySQL. The GAO needed a way to upgrade a lot of their surveys and move them on the web. They chose PHP as the main technology. “Java had some security issues for us, so that was off the table. PHP was just a better fit for us because of its ability to embed things with HTML pages,” says Kevin Dooley, senior IT specialist at the GAO … Continue reading

More Linkage

I just noticed that Tantek Çelik found my pinger, and had some nice comments about it. Maybe he’ll come back and see the new updates next week 🙂 Nifty how he’s using Technorati as a sort of outsourced trackback. I’ve seen a couple of people doing that lately, and I’ve been thinking about doing something similar. But I’ll probably wait until after we release WordPress 1.2, and I upgrade this site to the new code.