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Work, work, work

No, the storms didn’t wipe me off the face of the earth. I’ve just been consumed by work. Plus, we had out-of-town relatives visiting last weekend, so some of my “free time” (ha!) got subsumed into my “family time”. Even so, I still haven’t gotten myself into the daily schedule that I really need to be on, as Susan has had to remind me several times lately. I’ve been meaning to get up early enough that I can begin working at 7:00am, but more often than not, I don’t get started until 8:30am. Or later. Which leaves me working later in the evenings or on weekends to catch up.

Today was one of my better days (began at 8:30am). But I’ve got to start getting up earlier. Especially if I’m going to follow through on my plan to walk on the treadmill every morning before work. And that’s something I want to start doing, because I recently found our scale, and discovered that I’ve regained the 10 pounds that I had lost earlier this year (as I feared).

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