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Windows XP Service Pack 2

A couple of days ago, Windows Update finally notified me that it was ready to install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Yesterday I created a Restore Point on my compter, and this morning I told my computer to install the update.

I’m glad I created that restore point.

The Service Pack install failed partway through, with some error about a missing entry point in a DLL. I couldn’t get the computer to shut down cleanly, and ended up doing a hard power down. When it rebooted, it told me that the service pack had failed (duh), and that I needed to go to the Control Panel and uninstall it. So I did that. During that process, it disabled the drivers for my wireless keyboard and mouse. Fortunately, I do have a wired keyboard under the desk as an emergency backup, but navigating since then without a mouse has been a pain in the buttarkus.

Even after completing the service pack uninstall and rebooting, I still didn’t have wireless devices or networking. Currently, the computer is restoring information from my saved restore point. I’m posting this from my laptop, because every step I’ve had to take on my desktop seems to take 15 minutes.

Thanks for nothing, Microsoft!

I should take inventory and see if there’s really anything I really need Windows for. All I can think of offhand is Photoshop. But I could run that on the laptop or on my wife’s computer, if need be. It might be time for me to look at running Linux or FreeBSD as my primary OS again. Maybe after I get to a good project transition point…

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