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Petals Around the Rose

I learned about this little puzzle thing called Petals Around the Rose yesterday (via BoingBoing). It’s sort of a dice game where you have to figure out how to solve the puzzle as you go, and once you know how, you can’t tell anybody else. It took me a while to figure it out, because I tried to over-analyze it. In fact, it’s almost an accident that I figured it out at all, considering the line of thought I was trying to follow. Of course, now I’m sworn to secrecy, so I can’t tell you what that line of thought was…

The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose, and that name is significant. Newcomers to the game can be told that much. They can also be told that every answer is zero or an even number. They can also be told the answer for every throw of the dice that are used in the game. And that’s all the information they get.

The javascript app on the page listed above didn’t work for me in Firefox. I had to use the sample dice rolls detailed in the story about Bill Gates in order to figure it out. As I mentioned before, I’m sworn to secrecy about how to get the answers. But I will say that a child in first or second grade (or even a bright pre-schooler) could give you the answers, once they know the method.

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  5. Geof says:

    Tee hee hee. It is frustrating until you realize it. I have used this at parties to torment people to know end. We actually called it “Polar Bears Around the Ice Hole”:

    “Polar Bears Around the Ice Hole: Like petals around a rose”—[roll dice]—“how many polar bears do you see?”

    When playing this in person, be sure to move very quickly for the first ten rolls or so. I usually play with a group of people watching and pick up the dice after the first right answer is voiced.

    There have been times that groups haven’t figured it out and pestered me for days …

  6. ethan says:

    never got one wrong. guess im a genius.

  7. Skip says:

    I’m kidda real stupid and have been trying this for over 3 months. I do give up and would like someone to tell me the secret. Please help Confounded and confused. Skip

  8. howard says:

    kinda funny.
    it says that the quicker you catch on to this, the dumber you really are. so i guess mr. ethan there is a ****** *******

    [edited by admin]

  9. KC says:

    If you catch onto the game fast it doesn’t mean your dumb. It just means you can think in a more abstract manner than others and/or you are more creative than the average person.

    I coded this game to play online..

  10. NIKI says:


  11. Bob says:

    I played this game for a while to figure it out. How the clue was told to me is this: “The game is in the name and the name of the game is Polar Bears Around the Icehole and in the days of Ghangis Khan, Petals Around a Rose Tree.” I would love to tell the secret, but I am sworn to absolute secrecy in the Polar Bear Club.

  12. Linda says:

    There is an extension to this trick. I believe it’s called roots and petals. If you know this one and know the real name, I would appreciate it. An example roll of five die would be: 5, 2, 2, 3, 1

    In petals around the rose, the answer would be 6.
    In petals and roots, the answer is 8.

  13. Nelson Gayman says:


  14. paula says:

    it been a month… haay… its so hard. can you guys give me a clue? anyone?

  15. m todd says:

    OK…cut the BS…what is the rule to this silly game…to hell with how I think…I just want to know…

    Ed. note: minor profanity edit

  16. Kelly says:

    Thank you for not giving the answer to the riddle! I have found out that other websites with the polar bear riddle are expressing the answer. As a very pround polar bear, I think that by posting the answer you are taking away the true pride and joy of hte game!

  17. Anita says:

    Okay, I get it. It’s really hard. But nobody as yet has given a clue. Anybody wanna help a non-out-of-the-box thinker some help? πŸ˜€

  18. Hi says:

    Hi im 12. I need help. I have been thinking and thinking but cant work it out. Can you please just give me the answer. THIS IS SO STUPID!

  19. Ninth says:

    Think outside the box, stop thinking in terms of numbers. All you have to do is add.

  20. karalyn says:

    hi i am so cofused even with the adding i tried different ways but just cant seem to grasp the concept of it. HELP THE CONFUSED ONES OUT PLEASE!

  21. REALLY MAD says:

    Now i have played this game for so long! and everyone gives me the same BS clues. Now i know i am smart but god forbide u dumbies will give me a better clue then always even and it is in the name. I dont care if the name is terds in the toilet plz just emial me the answer at

  22. pj says:

    yea i definetly tried adding and it’s not working!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Polar bears sit in pairs
      Around a hole in the ice
      Like petals on a flower
      How many polar bears are there?

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  24. jon says:

    Cash reward? Oh dear! You 12 year olds just don’t know when to quit, do you? … And gosh forbide your dumbies plz in the intellagence genious! ;D

  25. _cipher says:

    [Ed note: Sorry foks, but this was just too much information.]

  26. Mole says:

    The solution to this puzzle has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with the word “around”

  27. Penny says:

    I got this on the 2nd go… It is soooo easy.

  28. asd says:

    Cipher’s theory works, but i see no relation to the word around.

  29. TO asd says:

    Once you figure out what the ROSE is, it is very simple and cipher’s clue also makes sense.

  30. Person says:

    Ha. A good way to torment people is get four regular dice and then one red or other colord one. It took me three days.

  31. Dougal says:

    Okay, these clues are coming dangerously close to giving the answer away. I’ve already deleted a couple of comments that gave the answer outright. I’m currently debating about deleting some of the other comments.

    1) Please don’t spoil the fun by giving too much of the answer away.

    2) Don’t feel dumb if you haven’t figured it out.

    It’s really only obvious after you know the answer. And trying to over-analyze it will just drive you nuts. Even after I had figured out the math part, it took a while for the meaning of the name to sink in. But if you figure out the meaning of the name first, the math part will just click.

    I will say this: It helps to use real dice (or at least pictures that look like dice) as opposed to just writing down the numbers. That’s the biggest clue I’m willing to give.

  32. Chelsea says:

    i have finally figured it out!!! thank you soo much cipher. as soon as i started getting the right answer i figured what the “around the rose thing was too. but he/she forgot to mention another number. (that technically dosent matter tho)

  33. Iddi says:

    I have been trying for months now, and I still haven’t figured it out. I feel so dumb πŸ˜›

  34. marvin says:

    haha.. i got it.. the rose is […deleted by admin…] hahaa.. im just helpin everyone that doesnt know it out.. so yeah dont be mad.. n if you are.. aim= marbinlilpunk

    (Ed. note: didn’t I ask everyone not to give the answer away?)

  35. Chris says:

    This is so neat. I found it easy (luck I guess)

    Oh and the answer is …. 42 πŸ™‚

    Anyone got links to executable forms of this say a windows program ??

    Chris Taylor

  36. squiral says:

    got it, look at […deleted…]!!!!

  37. susan says:

    i think cipher’s clue makes it really obvious/basically gives away the answer.

  38. teetee says:

    here’s my clue..

    “every rose has it torn” but not every face of the dice have its rose

    good luck to the rest..

  39. Loona says:

    hey i need some facts i tried to get the answrer out of my friend kyle but he had to keep the game promise

  40. bb says:

    i’ve been playing for 30 minutes straight and it’s killing me πŸ™

  41. Lily says:

    Oh heck this is driving me nuts!!!

    We’ve got a competition on in our Gifted and Talented group for the first person to work out the answer, so far none of us except our tutor has got it!!!!

    So I need to think about “around” and what the rose is……

  42. Lily says:



    cheers for the clues πŸ˜€

  43. Darcman says:

    Yeah, once you get it down, it’s all good.

  44. angel says:

    hahahahaha. i was really pissed and annoyed cause i couldnt get it. played for an hour or so. anyway, those who still cant get the answer, it really has nothing complicated like multiplying or dividing. simple addition and oh, remember the name of the game AROUND the rose (: good luck.

  45. omar says:

    I figured it out but people tell me there are TWO ways to find it. Challenge urself tofind the answer TWO different ways

  46. Andy Wells says:

    I worked it out after about 45 minutes but it had nothing to do with the name of the game. I just counted. Sorry if that doesn’t help anyone but there you go.

  47. Yan says:

    after 4 days, I finally got it πŸ˜€
    excellent puzzle
    kinda stupid if u already got the solution
    but it’s cool

  48. Dan says:

    got it πŸ˜€

    took me about 30 mins…i started on a website which gave 3 different coloured dice, and was taking that into account, doing all sorts of calculations. prime factors, digital roots etc for quite a while – i always overcomplicate things

    i can see some justification in saying that less academic people will get this quicker than the more mathematically/scientifically able. to get it quickly either requires a very creative, open mind or a very lucky guess. and as we all know, noone with any creative talent is good at maths – and vice versa πŸ˜‰

    tip for anyone who has been stuck for ages: why the 1?

  49. Dan says:

    just to clarify on my first paragraph – there were 5 dice of 3 different colours

    then again, thats irrelevant, isnt it.

  50. RoX says:

    Figured this out in about 10 minutes by writing down pictures of the different combinations and figuring out what was different. Just tried to remember it was SIMPLE!

  51. Zorpho says:

    This game had me hokked for like 2 months,IT WAS DRIVING ME MAD.
    God damn how simple it is when you know the point tought.
    it’s BRILLIANT!

  52. i dont get iiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt says:

    got it

  53. really really confused:( says:

    Hi…i just found this game out today and i read all of your guys comments. But it makes absolutely no sence. So let me get this straight. All the solutions have even numbers or zero, AROUND is a big clue for some reason, all you have to do is add, every rose has it tornÒ€ but not every face of the dice have its rose (whatever that means), use real dice, question: what is “pedals and roots” supposed to mean? and how can it have nothing to do with numbers if adding is the art of combining numbers. any way all of these clues are doing nothing and i know “you’ve sworn to secrecy” but still son’t say the exact solution but say something that win’t confuse ppl. it makes me feel stupider that i am…oh and what waz cypher’s that gave it away…it just says that “[Ed note: Sorry foks, but this was just too much information.]” ok well i’m gonna go give this thing another try,,,but i don’t see how it’s going to work. Oh and one more question…does it have anything to do with identical numbers in the set of rolled die? ex 54757

  54. Tyler says:

    Crazy game… i was with three friends… two of them knew the game and my other friend and I didn’t. Took both of us around 2 hrs to figure it out. Even with sutile clues still couldn’t get it. Finally did after they told me to look at each individual dice. See it that helps. And remember the name of the game.

  55. jess says:

    omg i still dont get it

  56. MRNIMMO says:

    That is such a waste of time.

  57. Anonymous says:

    LOOK at the dice. Don’t assume it has anything to do with math. Don’t add or multiply. Look for something that is around something else.

    Sworn to secrecy. Secret society my ass. If this is what some geek thinks makes him special… I feel sorry for him.

  58. Davitch says:

    well … i must admit that there was no way i was going to figure this one out, but by reading some of the posts of other people, it started to make sense.

    I’ve got it now, but if there’s one piece of advice I can give, it is to figure it out yourself … you’ll regret cheating (unfortunately if youve read this far, youve probably aready got the answer)

  59. Dani says:

    well if u say tht i must be dumb then

  60. Mark says:

    Got it after about 5 hours trying

  61. Alex Crust says:

    The answer isn’t as easy as people lead you to believe on this forum. I think what most people are trying to say is that the concept is simple, but coming up with the answer can take a lot of time. Someone told me how it works, and if it weren’t for that it would’ve taken me a ton more time. It definitely takes a simple mind to solve it quickly. Not to take anything away from the quick solvers. There are too many different combinations and mathematical situations to think about. The possibility of zero being an answer threw me off pretty hard. So, think simpler than number crunching. It’s pretty wacky.

  62. emily says:


    ive just gotten to this game through a friend. took me quite some time (10mins or so?) since i wasnt a really mathematical person, and dices and counting really turns me off…

    contrary to what people have been saying, i feel that i needed to count to get the answer. so its not just look and ‘voila’. the name of the game says alot, but not all… GOOd luck!!…


    P.S. i think teetee’s clue is good!

  63. jessica. aka says:

    i have no cluse how this game works. i’ve been playing it for about 20 mins and ever other of my answers were right at some point. its annoying like heck

  64. jane says:

    i tried this for about 20 minutes before i got frustrated and tried loooking it up. the clues give away a lot– after reading all the posts i figured it out in a second. really, though. dont cheat, try it yourself. its so much more fun that way. if you cheat, it just seems really lame.

  65. Jewels says:

    I spent over an hour working on it (found the puzzle through another puzzle I was working on), then I started going back and reading the history of the game. There were a lot of hidden clues in the story, but once I stopped thinking linear (logical) and started thinking creatively, the answer to the puzzle came right away.

    Try not to think of it as a mathematical problem and look at it from a more creative point of view, relax, and you’ll see the answer.

  66. Izlude says:

    wow….this was a good 2min challenge….if anyone has any better puzzle that would take me longer, tell me!

  67. syed says:

    man, i’ve only been looking at it for about 30 minutes now, and I think I’ve figured it out, because it works for 2 or 3 rolls, but then it starts failing me. I shall get it though.

  68. criticalx says:

    This puzzle is so stupid !!! Dammmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!! It took me about 3 hrs to get the answer to this simple logic game. I solved this puzzle after wasting 5 pieces of paper, 1 pencil, and 2 batts of my calculator. THIS IS BLOODY HELL!!!

  69. zapper says:

    It is a very simple puzzle. Don’t think too much about it or else you will never get the answer.

  70. babu says:

    To you who are struggling with the game: you’ll never find it using logic because everything about this game is flawed.

    “Petals aroud the rose” will not give you the answer. *The* rose is misleading. There may be several roses. And petals are not around *the* rose. They’re all over the place and you’re supposed to magically understand that there is actually just the *one* rose and you’re supposed to magically see those petals around *one* rose.

    The success of the game is based on the fact that people want to belong to the club. They just don’t want to realize they were fooled. Spending days without finding the solution, you can’t admit that the game is dumb. But you can realize that the game is basically flawed.

    And to find the answer all you have to do is use Google. You will *not* regret it. You’ll be happy you didn’t waste too much time on a power trip game. And you’ll still be able to bug the hell out of gullible people.

  71. CRANDALL says:


  72. Shy says:

    Thanks for the clues. I got it!!!! It took a day to finally get the answer.. Thanks, guys!!! I will always take note of the number in the dice… Thanks!!!

  73. knig7ht says:

    i got it! i took half and hour to figure it out! lol!

  74. Spectacle says:

    I’m glad I didn’t rack my brain on it. Google is your friend πŸ™‚

  75. Old Man says:

    OMG !!!!! this quiz is doing my head in ! i been at it since 3 o clock this morning and its almost 6 now
    i know that some of you guys spent a day on it but if i did it for that long i think id rip my head off.
    ARGH !

  76. weeeeeeee says:

    ok, i got it. it sucks.

    I know everyone always says, “don’t think about it too much”, but that’s bs.

    My advice is that you need to see how some dice sides are different from others. Cancel the irrelevant ones out, then count up.

  77. Albert says:

    What is the pharse in induct a polar bear who has sloved the riddle?

  78. Whallbag says:

    Babu clearly doesn’t get it… talking ballauks…

    Got it in a couple of minutes, which I’m rather chuffed about, seeing as in one of his biographies, it’s claimed that Bill Gates never did fathom this game – he memorized the answers from watching people play loads of ‘throws’ in Harvard, but never knew why the answer was what it was.

    πŸ˜€ at the modest Mr. Digital Root πŸ˜‰

  79. KC says:

    I posted this last year, and stumbled across this site again today.

    This is for those of you that SOLVED the easy-peasy petals-around-the-rose game and need something more CHALLENGING:

  80. Chas says:

    okok, people who say if u have a maths orientated brain makes it harder, id just like 2 say that is untrue, at least it was in my case. Maths is by far my strongest subject and i got it after my first roll. You just have to keep an open mind, people who are good at maths dont automatically close themselves to simple answers like this one.

  81. KT says:

    This game is F***ing retarded. I swear to god, this is total BS. -_-;;

  82. Chas says:

    The game that KC posted is much harder, i got as far as knowing everything but the plankton and then it got really hard, cant see it from this point…

  83. Jessica says:

    Once you figure this game out is soooo easy!

  84. Paige says:

    HAHAHA. got it. so obvious once you get it. kinda stupiiiid. But it does take alot of stress off your shoulders once it’s solved. I had to leave it for a month and came back to it today and it was easy as cake.

    just gotta find out WHAT the rose is, and how many ‘petals’ it has. πŸ™‚

    hahaha. Gunna make plenty of people suffer with this one.

  85. blame the dutch says:


  86. Emma says:

    i cant do it. i give up. there is no point asking for the awnswere because you won’t tell me and if you do it will be edited out. I saw this the first time in a chemistry lesson when we had a cover teach. I have been trying to work it out for the last about 10 hours and now I will give up, pretend I never heard of it and NEVER ROLL A DICE AGAIN! WA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  87. lakeesha says:


  88. Emma says:

    yes, it is me again. and I did roll another die and I GET HOW TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! WA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I saw it first in chemistry yesterday and I figured it out in maths today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just sitting there and I was looking at a five on a dice and I thought it lokked a bit like a rose and it just sort of hit me! I was so surprised and exicited that I yelled out loud, “I’ve got it”, I was very happy, but not for long because my maths teacher then confiscated my dice. I WILL NEVER TELL YOU!!!!!!!! WA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Blank says:

    Yeah, almost wanna give up, then looked it again and see the answer.

  90. mavercik says:

    here’s a clue. do a yahoo search. start with the name of the game “Petals Around the Rose” and then you’ll see the “solution”! LOL

  91. overthinker says:

    OK guys, like most of you I didn’t get it at first. I read over the clues on this site and I had it. Let me tell you its no big secret. Oh by the way I was first intrudeced to it the night before I figured it out. Only played the game about 30 minuets. Its not that complicated.

    Remember its petals AROUND the rose. You are all like me, you are all overthinking the problem. Its very very very smilple and in my opinion DUMB. But hey aparently 87 of us thought it was fun enough to post a messege about it.

    Have fun and enjoy the game. And once you figure it out. Torment everyone you know with it.

  92. sorkia says:

    uh….really dumb…i gave a try, then for the nxt few months i left it alone. BUt here are a summary of few clues which i think might be useful….Clues.

    Cipher theory.
    Every rose has its torn, but not every dice have its rose.
    Think outside the box, stop thinking in terms of numbers. All to do is add.
    Nothing to do with numbers, yet everything to do with the word Ò€œaroundÒ€.
    Figure out the word ROSE.
    CipherÒ€ℒs theory basically gives away the answer.
    Simple addition, AROUND the rose.
    Look for something that is around something else.
    Petals around the rose will not give you the answer.*the *rose is misleading. Petals are not around* the* rose. They are all over the place and there is only *one* rose.
    What does a rose do with it petal they drop.
    Dice sides are different from the other. Cancel the irrelevant ones.

  93. Jason says:

    Hey ive been playing this for almost a year (or so) and i cant get it!!!Clould someone just give me a CLUE (not answer) about how to get it besides “The name of the game is Petals around the rose.The name is very important.The number always has to be even.”

  94. spoiler says:

    i know it. woo hoo!! so all those who don’t and are desperate to get, HA. At first i thought the clue about the title was rather odd but then i got it…. if you need better hints/ the answer e-mail me @ and to think i was looking at the positioning of the dice and not looking at the dots

  95. Chas says: KC posted this, i dunno if anyone but me went on it but if you’re looking for a bigger challenge try this one, the polar bears and ice holes are easy, i got the fish but it ook a while, i cant figure out the plankton though, post a msg if u have

  96. Valroy says:

    If i see a rose, I will rip out the petals and stomp on the stem and dance around the carnage….I hate this game….But I shal try it after a few scotch on the rocks… I am sure to see the answer.

  97. Valroy says:

    Un’Bloddy’believable!!! 5 Minutes after posting my comments. I got it….

    The Only Secret to this is:
    Close your eyes
    Take a deep breath
    And Play ‘Around’

    After you get it. You never want to play the game again.

    Then maybe you want to try..

  98. Geeta says:

    I think its a waste of time. No less than a destructive virus.

  99. Emma says:

    WA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is easier if you think of polar bears around the ice hole rather than petals around the rose. I don’t know how much this clue gives away but here it is: is polar bears are standing AROUND and ice hole, where must the hole be?… Also, look at the number 5 on the dice face what does it look like from above?. i think the one with the how many fish in the sea and how many plankton is really haed.

  100. Emma says:

    Try this website WA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA if you solved the petals around the rose thingy. I can get the number of holes, bears, and fish right but the plankton puzzels me because it’s such a big number.

  101. sleepless nights says:

    Took me about 3-4 tries to figure this one out, although i have to admit i would never have solved it without taking a deep breath, thinking about the name of the game.
    Now to the point: the polar bear thing with fish and plankton is driving me nuts. I have had about 4-5 hours of sleep every night instead of 8-9 hours (guess what i’m doing instead :p ). Anyone have a clue about the plankton? Still havent figured the fish out but i wanna get that one on my own.

  102. [ed.: comment deleted by admin.]

  103. Emma says:

    I am really annoyed that Kryten Lister gave it away!!!!!!! BURN! BURN! (try this website)

  104. Zeus says:

    wowwww…. that was fairly simple, im very happy that i didn’t come down and see Kryten Listers comment before i solved it my self. Haha my friend who is a mathimatical genius is begging me to inform him, quite the amusing challege

  105. Emma says:

    Kryten Lister, this is a message to you: YOU DO NOT DO ANYONE ANY FAVOURS BY GIVING IT AWAY! IF SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME HOW IT WAS DONE I WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY ANNOYED!!!!!! everyone, try this puzzle:

  106. annoyed says:


  107. rose says:

    I agree with Emma and annoyed. Poeple might want to work it out themselves. what was the point of spioling it for everyone you git!

  108. Emma says:


  109. Emma says:

    If anyone is thinking of telling the awnwere, some poeple might just want a clue and figure it out for themselves. Also, it stops people from being able to annoy others with this riddle.

  110. Emma says: try this puzzle if you can already do the petals around the rose one.

    p.s. the anwswere is …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… just count the petals that are around the rose

  111. super confused says:

    My teacher was trying to teach my class this game and like 2 people got it. I thought about it for so long and I listened to the clues but I just can’t get it. some of the clues that people give on this website are so confusing! My brain hurts!!!

  112. Nani Nino says:

    I was introduced to “Petals around the Rose” in “Second Life”, a 3D interactive game. I have spent countless hours trying to figure it out in Second Life and in Real Life. I don’t consider myself a dumb person but I do tend to over analize things. But now, I am completely immersed in trying to solve this ‘simple’ mind game. However, until I figure it out: “DAMN YOU, JEFFREY GOMEZ! (Second Life resident name) for doing this to me!!”
    Now,hopefully soon, the next post will probably read… “I got it! But still, DAMN YOU, JEFFREY GOMEZ For doing this to me!!”

  113. Nani Nino says:

    err..!! wahooo!!!! I GOT IT!!!! yeepeee!!!! HOO!!HOO!!! (doing a goal dance!)
    I really got it~ Damn you, Jeffrey Gomez.. this is rally stupid! But oh, the joy of having solved it… hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Folks, it really helps to read the clues, walk away, clear your mind and look at the die again… hardee,har,har!!!

  114. Tinkerspy says:

    Finally! Now I can torture all my workmates! Yeee-Haha! It would have taken me so much longer without the clues on this site. Simple really though!

  115. Guest mensan says:

    I’ve solved the Bears around the holes puzzle: the planktons were an interesting mathematical puzzle in themselves but they were no match for me… time for solving was around 30 minutes.

  116. Guest mensan says:

    If you *really* want to know how it’s solved,

  117. Kristina says:

    I got it in 5 rolls, >.> it says the smarter you are the longer it takes you to get it. My friend introduced me to this game, the first try I totally over analyzed it, I was thinking it was some complex thing, and I started looking for patterns and different ways to add the dice and dots and such. But my friend couldn’t keep her mouth shut, it was really when she put emphasis on the name of the game, said to look at the dice independantly instead of in a large group, and that it was really simple and she had been trying crazy patterns that just didn’t work, that I had a fleeting thought, and went with it. At first I didn’t actually realize what I had done to get the right answer :D!

  118. boywonder says:

    5 rolls? not very difficult when your friend keeps throwing hints your way, huh??? really πŸ™‚

  119. Emma says:

    I’d like to know what Kristina is doing on this page at 1:23am!

  120. Emma says:

    Same to super confused at 2:26am!

  121. Emma says:

    Looking at this now, they might have put the wrong times on as my messages say 5:59 and 6:01 am and it is actually 11:02 am

  122. boywonder says:

    It’s called a different timezone.

  123. boywonder says:

    Either that, or a bad clock. πŸ˜‰

  124. Andre says:

    It took me over an hour. I think Dan gave me the best advice when he said “why the 1?” for some reason I got it after that.

  125. Switch says:

    Got it in first go… And yes its stupid… Not worth wasting your time… Was reading a blog and came to know about this… Waste of time…

  126. can't get it says:

    it can’t get it. even with all of the clues and hints i still can’t get it and this is my 3rd days working on. please help me some one

  127. elisa says:

    finally i figured it out, it took me like 15 minutes. it is boring. its fairly easy once you know it. there is a clue on here that helped me a lot. and its not the adding clue.

  128. angel says:

    will some one just tell me how to play it trust me i won’t be mad

  129. angel says:

    will some one just tell me how to play its game trust me I won’t be mad I will be happy


  130. angel says:

    if anyone want to help me im me befor the day is over at

    pleas help me

  131. Micah says:

    Only two things you need to figure this out…replies # 47 (last line) and #53…use them together and it’s pretty easy.

  132. bud3863665282 says:

    text me the aannsswweerr pppplllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee

  133. bud3863665282 says:

    text me the answer please my number is 386-366-5282

  134. josh says:

    What a name for a dice game! As for me, I am currently researching on the most obscure dice games in the world. I’ll share a few with you at another time. Do you know the Filipino egg balut? That one featured in Fear Factor? Well, another Filipino thing, because it came from there is balut- the dice game! You’d better believe it.

  135. spro says:

    Not every dice is important. Most of the time, most are insignificant.

  136. Tara says:

    I figured out the petals and the roses in 2 rolls, and the whole polar bear/hole/fish/plankton thing in about an hour. Here are some clues for the polar bear game:
    *think outside the box. or rather, outside the square.
    *if you got the fish thing, keep thinking in that direction. you are on the right track to the plankton, just keep working at it!
    I hope that wasn’t giving too much away. I wanted to find the answer to it, but now I’m really glad I figured it out.

  137. Emma says:

    I got the fish on the polar bears thingy pretty fast but i still havn’e got the plankton thingy. but … i haven’t even looked at it for about a month … just forgot about it wa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah WA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  138. anon says:

    think metaphoically. The petals around the rose is a metaphor for the dice symbols. I throw the dice, how many roses are there?

  139. Atreus says:

    Funny little game. Solved in 5 minutes with the help of my toilet seat. πŸ˜€
    It’s all in the name. The funny thing was that I started to guess the corect answer before I even knew how.

  140. bdesign says:

    So I got the rose one in 8 rolls, but can’t get the darn polar bear one now! Obviously the holes and the polar bears are easy, but thefish and the plankton stump me. Oh well.

  141. gid says:

    I just immediately looked at the javascript code to figure out how to calculate the answer. I don’t really consider that cheating, I call it being resourceful. πŸ™‚ I probably “rolled” the dice 20 times before I actually bothered to think about “why” it was the way it was. My response: “that’s gay”

  142. rc says:

    straightforward mathematical answer … really stupid reason.

  143. Paul says:

    When I first saw this site, I throught it was referring to a dice puzzle I recently saw and would very much like to purchase. The object on question is a six-sided flower-like shaped with each node encasing a die. Each of these outer dice are numbered 1-6. Incased in the center is also a die, but this is number in by units of ten – 10-60. Moving the while object against a flat surface ransomly spins each of the dice. The object is to provide an equation that will equal the center die plus one other outer die that is already designated. For example, you might start with the nuymber 53. And your five outer die read: 1, 2, 2, 5 and 6. Can you use addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, exponents, etc. using these number to reach 53?
    Even bringing my not inconsiderable librarian’s skills to bear, I haven’t been able to find the object anywhere.
    The name MAY be “math Magic” or possibly “Math Matic.” Can anyone who knows what I am referring to PLEASE email me with the name and or company which manufacture(s)(ed) this puzzle/game?
    Thank you!

  144. Paul says:

    Whew. I was able to discover the answer after stepping back from the computer — faaaar back from the computer — and unclenching my fists — and thinking metaphorically. Or maybe metametaphorically: that is, how are those who find a solution quickly attacking this puzzle?
    The answer, when it comes, is a little like the “aha” moment when you get the answer to the (in)famous riddle: “What do a raven and a desk have in common?”

    “Puzzles worthy of attack, prove their worth by hitting back.”
    — Piet Hein

  145. Kellie says:

    I HATE this stupid petal game!!!!!!!!!! I’m convinced that being anal retentive and super logical about everyting does you absolutley no good with this game. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. mickey says:

    look at the picture forget the numbers

  147. Emma says:

    I HATE PLANKTON!!! but ican dot the holes, fish and bears thing!!! WA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA

  148. tay says:

    I can’t figure it out i keep tring but it never works

  149. katja says:

    my friend has been bugging my whole choir with this stupid thing and I finally figured it out!!!!!!

  150. N HYM says:

    Actually I hear that the smarter you are the Harder it is….
    SO maybe your not a genious

  151. maqhfturvsej says:

    this is a game i never figured out

  152. Emma says:

    its not the smarter you are, the harder it is. its just it isn’t particuly important to be smart to figure it don’t need to bee good at maths or anything beyond basic counting. I suppose people say its harder if you are smarter because if you are very good at mathsy stuff then you may try to figure it out like that and make it seem complicated when it is simple.


  153. Emma says:


  154. aaaaa says:

    I HATE thsi stupid game. I am smart but i cant get it

  155. Katie says:

    My teacher asked us this question at school. After a little while my brother helped me and we found out the answer it is really easy. I am only in sixth grade so my teacher will be really impressed with me!!!!!

  156. Katie says:

    i got it after about 5 min……… LOL

    i am only 12 hahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahaha

  157. JR says:

    Got it. I found reply #56 to be the most helpful.

  158. DS says:

    Fact: the smarter a person is the lower are his chances to find the correct answer to the game due to the fact that he can think of more ways of trying to solve it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you found the solution in a fast time you are dumb, it can also mean that you were lucky with choosing the way to try and solve it.
    So it’s not the smarter you are the harder it is, it’s the smarter you are the higher the chances are for it to be hard.

  159. you guys are freat all i had to do to figure the game out is read a couple of your remarks on it and i got it instantly. plus that bill gates web site gives it away right away they practicaly hold your hand through the whole thing telling you how to do it.

  160. guess you broke your secrecy!

  161. Mike Reynolds says:

    I’m in eigth grade and I love pedals around the rose. We play it in math class only we call it the Polar Bear Club. It took me awhile to figure it out but it’s really simple once you finnaly understand it and figure out you were heading in the wrong direction.

  162. Kiraela says:

    Holy crap… It took me FOUR YEARS to get this stupid thing. and now that i have it… hehe. i’m tormenting everyone i know. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT WAS SO SIMPLE. i tried everything from numerology to advanced algegbra…. YARRR….. and then i’m looking at it and oh wow yay i SEE IT.

  163. D.B. says:

    It’s all in the name.

  164. williams says:

    it took me over a year to figure it out( i played it once then the next year i played it again). it took my brother around an hour to figure it out. when i figured it out i took the polar bear promise. i could have kicked myself it that easy!!!!

  165. Edward says:

    got it first time wooh yeah too easy watcin every1 round me take 2 hours 2 get it was fun yey!

  166. Edward says:

    got it first time wooh yeah too easy watcin every1 round me take 2 hours 2 get it was fun yey! and i did it with real dice nd no pointers except being given the name of the game nd told 2 find the number

  167. Edward says:

    got it first time wooh yeah too easy watcin every1 round me take 2 hours 2 get it was fun yey! and i did it with real dice nd no pointers except being given the name of the game nd told 2 find the number

  168. Jeremy says:

    THIS GAME MADE ME WANNA PUNCH A BABY IN THE FACE!!!! IT TOOK ME 2 hours STRAIGHT!! Everyone needs to stop giving out hints…

  169. Emma says:

    Polar bears come in pairs.
    They gather around a hole in the ice, like petals on a flower.
    Fish swim free in the Arctic Sea.
    They may be strange but they’re never odd,
    And they gobble up plankton by the hour.

    Number of holes?
    Number of bears?
    Number of fish?
    Number of plankton?

    i can get the holes, the bears, and the fish!

    but not the plankton!
    can someone give me a hint?
    it always seems to be a really big number!




  170. Emma says:



  171. Mistes says:

    This game is very easy…it has alot to do with the word “Around the Rose.” Have fun! and make sure it keeps a sercret!

  172. Zak says:

    I hate you! I have bugged and pestered my classmates to give me the rule and now it’s my homework assaignment I came and searched Google to FIND THE ANSWER TO BEEP AROUND THE BEEP!!!!!! I am going to get graded on this and and, and, you better tell me or else when I grow up I’ll make a website that tells the answer to those poor miserable wretches like me!

  173. Stephen says:

    I’m 10 and i can’t figure it out

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  175. killakid says:

    This game is so ez, i figured it out in like, 2 minutes. but some people think it is the most retarted and frusterating game in the
    world. the solution to this “retarded” game is:

  176. Anonymous says:

    this gameee is sooooooooooooooooooooo stupid..then evry1 will be like fugure it out yourself…what bs…bye

  177. player says:

    got it!! it’s pretty simple really. don’t waste time to overcomplicate things.. duhh

  178. i dont get it says:

    its so hard! the smarter u are, the harder it is! i have been trying nonstop and cant figure it out

  179. MD says:

    ok… if you seriously need help… here are a few little clues… 1. instead of thinking of it as petals around the rose think of it as petals around the dasies… this helped me a lot… 2. it has everything to do with the word AROUND!! your welcome

  180. JB says:

    I have a TI-83 and i have the polar bear game. I can figure out the the bears and rocks but i just can not figure out the fish…could someone please help…its making my brain hurt

  181. Muthafackur says:

    I want 2 know how to do it I’m stupid! help me!

  182. bd says:

    The Bill Gates Story kinda gives it away.

  183. arbitrarysign says:

    OH my gawd, I am DYING here. It’s 2am and I NEED TO SLEEP cos I need to write my MASTERS DISSERTATION paper and this is driving me INSANE.

  184. Dice Zombie says:

    I spent a good 3 hours hacking away at this thing and read about how “Easy” it was to figure it out. It wasn’t! but I got it finally. I think it was the polar bear/ice hole analogy. What really sucks about this is that I worked really hard today and I gotta work hard tomorrow. Rather than being tormented over something so ignorant I could have been getting some healthy sleep! Now I gotta pull 8 hours feeling like a dang Zombie! Damn you all and your super dooper secret decoder ring Petal around the Roses fan club with its secret handshakes and funky codenames. If someone had just told me the dadgum solution 2 1/2 hours ago I would have been perfectly fine with that. I don’t feel any better for having figured it out myself. I feel rather like I’ve just traded a piece of my finite existence for some magic beans that turned out to be rat droppings. Good night everyone!!!

  185. Juliet says:

    yay? i figured it out? luckily i only spent 30 minutes, 25 minutes just reading all these comments, and getting completely confused, and then when i finally looked at it i got it. ppl keep saying the bill gates article gives it away, i don’t think so, BUT i don’t know why, but when i got to the article and looked at the first picture, for some reason everything clicked.

    i think the best clues are: 1) don’t look at the numbers or placement, look at the DOTS
    2) there is only “one” rose, and petals scattered
    and im gonna add that 3) when you’re looking for the “rose” dont think about looking for a rose with all its petals around it, maybe it IS better to imagine a HOLE with polar bears around it

  186. AUSTIN says:

    It is easy actually.Just think about the name (petals around the rose) or (stars around the moon).

    If you find out don’t tell it to your friends. KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL!!!

  187. FiZiX says:

    Wow, I finally got it! Can’t wait to try this one on my GF.

  188. Be There Or Be Square says:

    After thinking about it, I realized I boxed myself in.

  189. Andy says:

    Sorry, but this was a very easy puzzle. Got it on the first try after thinking it through for about 15 seconds. Once you read the “hints” instructions, you have all you need to know.

  190. mumbo says:

    If y’all are so smart why can’t you make website that I don’t
    have to SIDE SCROLL just to read one sentance. I hate this game

  191. mumbo says:

    OH! How mind numbingly worthless!!! Once you get it you will be dissapointed. It’s not even a puzzle once you get it.
    You’ll waste less of your life searching for porn, so go do that instead.
    Also only telling a person PART of the intructions doesn’t make it a puzzle, losers.

  192. Brint says:

    Comment #37 was what “unlocked” it for me — thanks.

  193. Scott says:

    Wow… once you get it, it’s so amazingly simple it’s weird.

  194. furrypurplefeet says:

    I have to say what helped me the most was realizing that the game could have a different name like “polar bears around the ice hole” or kids around the campfire — ok, so I just made that one up, but it works just the same. I know some of you are frustrated, but hang in there and it’ll come to you.

  195. Heather says:

    Ok, so It’s 1 am and I’m bored and come across this game and for about 2 minutes and 6 tosses can’t figure it out. Being 1am my patience is thin so I go google it to find an answer, find this website and the clue “it’s in the name”. Voila! My first roll after that clue and I got it right! Haha suckers who can’t figure it out. It’s so easy once you realize that the answer is in the name of the game. πŸ™‚ Thanks for that clue!

  196. Ally says:

    Once i figured it out it was soooooo easy. first i was guessing way too hard. this game is as simple as eating chocolate. i first thought it was add the odd then the add the even then divied by 4 or 2 or 6 or 8 but i was totally wrong it was add the even number and then the number minus 2, and that time i got 100 times with no wrong answer. from there i knew i was right.

  197. Joedy says:

    I learned this game from a math teacher in my school. It took my an hour to get it and others longer or some got it right away…but i didnt
    understand the game at all i thought the answer would be like 2 6 4 0 10 12 and keep repeating thoughs # but i was soo wrong
    I enjoyed playing this game it was a game that made me think very hard! but fun at the same time…now that i know how to play
    the game it is cool watching others learn how to
    well thats it for now byebyee from joedy morrisseau grade 7 student

  198. Skippy says:

    OMG! I can’t get this game out of my head! Will someone please tell me the answer! So what if the game is pointless! I need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    -Stupid Skippy

  199. Tasha says:

    Looked at the rolls and knew what the answer was, just don’t over complecate your thinking :).

  200. Freightliner says:

    Seriously people, don’t cheat and look up the key to the puzzle.. You will regret it afterwards, I know that I did. If you did cheat yourself like me, theirs two more versions of the game that I have really enjoyed and that are even more confusing than the original. You can find all three versions at Good luck to all beginners

  201. waaah says:

    The name of the game ought to be the petals around the ROSES

  202. Colin Hennessy! says:

    OMG!! I just figured it out! it is so amazing. I promise not to tell the solutuion. man, that is so cool. very sweet game. defetally going to do that at the partys. πŸ™‚

  203. Danielle says:

    OMG! I cant believe this game. I solved it in about like 2 hours. I felt really dumb after i solved it because its so simple like pre-school stuff. The name of the game is petals around a rose right? Well think about a rose and whats AROUND a ROSE. Just think about the name look at the dice and THINK. You’ll feel so dumb once you get it. Anyway if you did get good for you and good luck for the people out there that still dont get it.

  204. jkhkk says:

    im so frustrated…. who cares ir you’re sworn to secrecy?? just tell me the answer!

  205. Matt says:

    It doesn’t matter if you figure it out within the first 5 minutes or 5 months, as long as you do figure it out. Different people take different approaches to problems, the point is to analyze every possible solution with the information given.

  206. potato...or somethin says:
  207. matt&steven says:

    the anwser is 3=2 and 5=4

  208. Nick says:

    i figured it out and you didnt haha

  209. Julia says:

    If you never figure it out, YAY your the smartest person on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Anonymous says:

    I consider myself to be relatively skilled in the field of brain teasers, and I could not solve this myself in the half hour I had. So after twenty minutes I just gave up and wrote a computer program that would analyze the several hundred rolls I had accumulated. It got the solution in about a minute or so, and the code was relatively short.

    So to those of you who are struggling – try getting your computer to do the busy work…

  211. Jill says:

    AHHH its sooo sooo frusteratiing… I asked my computer teacher about it and he said “cant tell its a secret…” NO DUH! TELL ME PLEASE TELL ME!

  212. Kevin says:

    Well.. I figured it out a year ago after about an hour of hard work… unnecessary hard work I should add…

    I’ll try to give hints without ruining the answer…

    Because the answer is always even, try to figure out how that is possible if the numbers are random… I mean if you add them all up, there is the same chance of it being even or odd…

    In my opinion, the ROSE is the most important… find the rose, then look for the petals…

    Sorry, can’t be more specific without all of it being edited out…

    Remember, the visual representation of a die, or an actual die is better than 5 numbers.

    Oh, and anybody have a link to “Petals and Roots”? there is a slight reference on wikipedia but I’ve tried googling it and I’m not coming up with anything

  213. hgdu6rd says:

    are all those things you put next to ur writing cluse or just for show

  214. Mark says:

    So… anyone else feel kinda disappointed when they finally figured it out? Like for real…

  215. lost says:

    does anyone have a helpgful hint about figuring out the number of Plankton in the version that involves plankton as well as fish, bears, and holes?

  216. Jon says:

    I’ve been going around to different websites trying to get answers, when all it took was somone to say “its in the name”
    And then with polar bear around the ice hole.
    I mean, at first I was like “ok its This way”
    all these werid ideas, kept poping into my head
    but then people kept saying “stop thinking so hard” and I got it
    but now its boring haha. Oh well, ill see who else can catch on now ^_^
    (I found it on my own, I didnt look up the answer. Just clicked after thinking about the title.)

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