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Spammers are still stupid

I’m getting hammered by a comment spammer again. It started yesterday afternoon, and according to my logs, it’s still going on this morning. The spams are coming from several different IP numbers (which all now blocked by my Spammer TarPit plugin), and the hosts appear to be different types. All of them appear to be running open HTTP proxies, and some appear to be infected with BackOrifice and/or NetBus.

Of course, none of the spams are getting in.

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7 Responses to Spammers are still stupid

  1. logtar says:

    I need to install the latest versions and plugins, I am getting hit hard.

  2. alsotop says:

    I too am getting hit hard by comment spam attacks – none are getting in, but my inbox is filled with about 300/400 “Spammer TarPit” emails – normally I only get one from an attack, so they’re obviously using some new tactics… and bogging down my email server.

  3. joey says:

    yikes! i guess i’m lucky so far. Good to be prepared though, thanks for the plugin link.

  4. hasan says:

    do you know of any anti-spam plugins for b2? Spam sucks!

  5. Hasan, you really should look into upgrading your site from b2 to WordPress. Whatever hacks you’ve put into your current site could probably be rewritten as WP plugins, which would make future upgrades pretty-much painless. Also, the new Theme system that’s going into WP version 1.3 will protect your customized layout templates when upgrading.

  6. logtar says:

    I just upgraded my WP and besides some changes on my templates it was painless.

  7. alek says:

    Yea, spammers just suck in general – I don’t do much blogging, but they hammer my web site with referrer log spamming … even though I don’t publically publish my web stats – as noted on that page, it’s almost scary when you do a Google Search how many sites DO, so I guess it is worthwhile for ’em.

    Since this is a Geek Ramblings blog, you might enjoy my halloween decorations and be sure to check out the halloween webcam which is quite the hoot.

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