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Extreme technical blogging geekout zone ahead! hook up a cloud

the old cloud service that operated via rebroadcasting pings over HTTP is being phased out. it is no longer documented here, and will be shut down at the end of 2004. (also, the changes.xml files will also no longer be available after 2004.)

I’ve been using the changes.xml file for a while to track recently updated sites in my blogroll. So now I have four choices: 1) implement this new cloud interface. 2) switch back to the old changes.xml file. 3) start generating my own changes.xml file on Ping-O-Matic. 4) learn to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Option four is easiest. But option three might be more fun. And the site generally seems overburdened anyhow. I can’t really see implementing this new cloud interface just for my blogroll, though. But it could be useful to hook Ping-O-Matic into the cloud. That might require some more thought, but there could be some good synergy.

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