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Thunderbird 1.0

Get Thunderbird!

Get Thunderbird!

This is actually old news at this point, but the Mozilla Thunderbird mail/news/rss reader has reached version 1.0. There haven’t been any earth-shattering changes since I discussed version 0.8 back in September. There’s Global Inbox, Message Grouping, Saved Search Folders, and other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

But there’s still no import/export of OPML files for the RSS aggregation. Like many geeks, I use an RSS aggregator to track dozens (if not hundreds) of sites for updated content. I rely on this so that I can quickly scan a veritable sea of headlines and quickly focus in on the ones that are of interest at any given time. Without the ability to import my list of feeds, setting them up in Thunderbird becomes a time-wasting chore. Can’t somebody out there please find a way to import feeds?!?

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  3. Hal says:

    I’m too much of an Outlook junkie. But I keep trying tb, I have high hopes for it. Tb 1.0 isn’t nearly as polished as FF 1.0 was. And I totally agree on the OPML thing. What I think would be cool is a Bloglines web service sync thingy.

  4. Phil Wilson says:

    Kevin Hemenway worked on the export a few weeks ago in but there’s still no import AFAIK.

  5. Yeah, I had found that. It’s useful for at least being able to do a crude export, but we need some way to import. I’ve even start doing research on how to write extensions, and tracked down some of the Thunderbird API hooks, but I’m still pretty much in the dark on exactly what I need to do, and I really don’t have the time to work on it…

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