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WordPress 1.5 in beta

The next version of WordPress (version 1.5) has moved from “alpha” to “beta” testing mode. Basically, the core features are in place, and the developers are in bug-fix mode. There are lots of exciting new features and improvements in this release, which I’ve been using here. The most notable new features are probably “pages” and the new theme system.

Pages allow you to manage stand-alone web pages. Examples on this site are my “about“, “donate“, and “weight goal” pages. Combined with the Run PHP Plugin, this brings WordPress another step closer to evolving from “blogging” software into a full CMS (Content Management System).

The new theme system busts the web design out from the core WP code. This means that you can radically modify your web design without editing the default WP files, which makes upgrades even more painless than ever. It also allows the site admin to easily switch back and forth between different site designs. My current design (such as it is), is implemented as a theme (named “rockem-sockem”).

For some more insights into the development, see Nuclear Moose’s interview with Matt and Ryan.

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5 Responses to WordPress 1.5 in beta

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  2. Earle says:

    Sweet, ‘pages’ sounds like a great concept. Can’t wait to use them. I use a few standalone pages and it would be nice to standardize with a single template.

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  4. Mr. Dew says:

    I do know about the 1.5 upgrade, I tried installing it. I would like to be able to run WP on my and using the same WP installation, I tried using multiple. What I get in the end is that the one at /blog/ displays the 404 error from the root folder’s installation and I can’t seem to get it to work. Do you have any idea how to get that to work. Do I need do some sort of hacking into WP? Thanks.

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