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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Thunderbird 1.0 OPML Import/Export

Thunderbird OPML Import/Export Aha! I was digging around some more, and thought I’d see if there was any kind of official movement on OPML import for Thunderbird. So I wandered over to the Mozilla bug tracker, and did a search for “OPML” in the “Thunderbird” project. That turned up a single hit, which was Bug #258102. Towards the bottom, were some patches from Justin. At first, I wasn’t sure how to apply them. His patch … Continue reading

More SpamAssassin goodness

Related to my previous post, there is a WordPress SpamAssassin Plugin over on IO Error. (via Photomatt). The initial version is pretty simple, connecting to the spamd server and getting a simple true/false spam verdict on a comment. But the author says that he wants to improve it to use the SA scoring system to send “maybe spam” messages to moderation.