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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Happy birthday to me

Lexar 512MB JumpDrive Peter Gabriel, Hit/Miss Yesterday was my birthday. The whole family went out to dinner at The Bitter End for some seafood. I had the “Sesame Crusted Salmon”, which was good, but not as flavorful as I had expected. But they did give me some of their banana bread pudding, which was quite tasty. This was our second time there, it’s definitely one of our favorite local restaurants. After dinner, we went home … Continue reading

WordPress 1.5 in beta

The next version of WordPress (version 1.5) has moved from “alpha” to “beta” testing mode. Basically, the core features are in place, and the developers are in bug-fix mode. There are lots of exciting new features and improvements in this release, which I’ve been using here. The most notable new features are probably “pages” and the new theme system. Pages allow you to manage stand-alone web pages. Examples on this site are my “about“, “donate“, … Continue reading

Meme Roundup

There have been several new memes lately that I have thoughts on, but I just haven’t had the time to comment on them here. I still don’t have time to discuss them in as much depth as I’d like, but here’s a quick summary: RSS 1.1: I have mixed feelings on this. It fixes one of my biggest complaints about RSS 1.0, which was the requirement for the rdf:Seq list, which seemed redundant with the … Continue reading

Improved Thunderbird OPML

I’ve updated the OPML import/export patch for Mozilla Thunderbird that I mentioned before. The new patch comes from Robert Sayre, and improves both the import and export of OPML files. Full details are on the Thunderbird Bugzilla tracker. I have updated the patched, downloadable version of newsblog.jar for your hacking pleasure. In case all of the above was gobbledygook to you, here are some definitions: OPML Outline Processor Markup Language. This is a file format … Continue reading


Writing perl unit tests which need to simulate a web browser with cookie support connecting to a server from multiple network interfaces is challenging. Why would I need to do that? Well, when you work for a company whose business is providing controlled internet access to hotels, these sorts of things come up. I’m not asking for help — I already know how to approach the problem. I’m just stating a fact. You know, in … Continue reading

Hello, World!

Peppermint ver 0.2 World, meet Peppermint. “Peppermint” is the working title for our new baby. This is in keeping with the food theme, since Jamie’s working title was “Puddin’” and Mary’s was “Pumpkin”. We don’t know the gender yet, as Susan is only about 13 weeks along. The doctor said that everything looks fine so far for both mother and baby. We’ve also got “The Peppermint Show”, video of the ultrasound, where we get to … Continue reading

Mac Mini

Rumors about a “headless iMac” have been out for a while, but now the Mac Mini is official. This new platform comes with a G4 processor at either 1.25GHz or 1.42GHz, either 40GB or 80GB of drive space, 1 FireWire, 2 USB, DVI/VGA video, modem, 10/100Base-T ethernet, can have anywhere from 256MG to 1GB of RAM, optional 802.11b/g and Bluetooth, and OS X 10.3 with the usual slew of cool Apple apps. Starting price is … Continue reading


I’ve seen several people recently who have noticed changes in their Google PageRank. I’ve just now noticed that I seem to be one of them. I used to be at PR6, but now I’m at PR7. What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Not much. Probably just that I’ll be targetted by even more comment spammers. But hey, PR7. Cool 🙂


Yesterday, while doing some experiments in WordPress, I apparently borked the rewrite rules for this site in a fashion that broke permalinks. It’s fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience, please resume your usual surfing.

Web App of the Year

The folks over at Ars Technica chose WordPress as their Web Application of the Year for 2004. Obviously, their staff are an intelligent lot, with good taste. And probably good looking, to boot. [via: Photomatt]