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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Blacklist Peering Plugin

Mark over at WeblogToolsCollection has come up with another great WordPress plugin for combatting blog comment spam: Blacklist Peering Plugin. My existing greylist and my growing blacklist are doing a pretty good job of keeping the junk out of sight so far. I’m looking forward to adding this plugin to my arsenal. Together, we can tighten the noose even more.

FontLeech: The Free Font Blog

Since I occassionally dabble with graphics and web design, I tend to collect fonts. But I’m just a hobbiest, not a professional designer, so I usually can’t justify purchasing professional font sets. So I bookmark the occassional “free fonts” website. Which is why I’m glad I found out about FontLeech: The Free Font Blog. Hey, look — it’s powered by WordPress. Awesome. 🙂

Zen of CSS Design

The Zen of CSS Design Congrats to Dave Shea, whose CSS Zen Garden web site has demonstrated the benefits of CSS-based design so much better than any verbal explanation could. His efforts, and those of many Garden contributors are now detailed in a book, The Zen of CSS Design. Update 2005-03-04: Flog me thrice for neglecting to mention that Molly Holzschlag is the co-author of this book.

The World

The World If I had a gazillion squared dollars, I’d want to buy a piece of The World. 300 private islands laid out to resemble a world map. Now that’s what I call blingbling. (via: plasticbag)

Microsoft announces upcoming IE7 release

Despite previous proclaimations that there would be no new version of Internet Explorer until their next generation operating system, codenamed “Longhorn” is released, Microsoft has recently reversed that position and announced that it will be working on Internet Explorer 7, which will be more focused on fixing security problems. Too little, too late. The King is dead. Long live the King.

WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” released

The latest and greatest version of WordPress is out. WordPress 1.5 (the “Strayhorn” release*) has more new features than you can shake a stick at. The release has been pretty quiet so far — no announcement yet on the WordPress Development Blog or on Photomatt’s site. But several people noticed the update on the Downloads page and picked up on it. I’ve been running this site with the new code for a while now, and … Continue reading

Google Maps Lat/Long Bookmarklet

I still haven’t had time to dig into Google Maps enough to make my dynamic GPS coordinate thingy. But here’s a quick bookmarklet that can report the coordinates of the center point of the map currently displayed: GMap Coords Just drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar, then click it when you’re viewing a map.

Google Maps Dissected

Joel Webber has an excellent dissection of how Google Maps works under the hood in his Mapping Google article. Welcome to my blogroll. Highlights: Communication with the backend server is done with a hidden <iframe> and some javascript trickery (not with XMLHttpRequest, as Gmail uses). Data arrives from the server in XML and is transformed into HTML by client-side XSLT. This is a bold move, and serves to further demonstrate what can be accomplished in … Continue reading

Google Maps

This isn’t exactly hot off the presses, but Google has launched Google Maps, which seems pretty nifty, so far. There are a few things I can think of that could use improvement, but it is just a beta, after all. Improvements I’d like to see: When listing several locations, it would be nice if you could snap to just one particular one, and elminate the others. When doing a “local search”, it will change your … Continue reading

GeoURL Reloaded

I just learned about the return of the GeoURL service. Actually, it doesn’t appear to be a re-launch so much as a re-implementation, according to what I read over on Daniel Schaller’s site. It’s pretty sparse right now, so get out there and register your blogs to start finding your neighbors! (via: Mike Little)