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Zen of CSS Design

The Zen of CSS Design : Visual Enlightenment for the Web

The Zen of CSS Design

Congrats to Dave Shea, whose CSS Zen Garden web site has demonstrated the benefits of CSS-based design so much better than any verbal explanation could. His efforts, and those of many Garden contributors are now detailed in a book, The Zen of CSS Design.

Update 2005-03-04:
Flog me thrice for neglecting to mention that Molly Holzschlag is the co-author of this book.

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5 Responses to Zen of CSS Design

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  2. jax says:

    you’ve got an error at the top of the page, says

    Warning: stristr(): Empty delimiter. in /usr/home/dougal/public_html/wp-content/plugins/BAStats/BAStats_logger.php on line 120


    ps want the book!

  3. Bob Trotta says:

    I read this book a while ago and it’s definatly a top read for CSS. It change the way I approach both design and programming of sites.

    Bob Trotta

  4. Did someone really suggest you should be flogged ‘thrice’ because you didn’t mention my name. Damn, I don’t even like to mention my name. It’s just not easy spelling Holzschlag.

    That said, I really appreciate your kind words about the book – it is beautiful and important for precisely the fact that it it’s not just about Dave Shea or Molly Holzschlag at all, but about contemporary web design and the people who are realizing it in exceptional ways.

    Thanks always,
    – Molly 🙂

  5. Dougal says:

    Nope, nobody suggested it, I volunteered. I just should have mentioned both of your names from the beginning, since you are co-authors. Granted, I realize that the book contains the work of many other people as well, but it’s your names on the cover.

    And yes, Holzschlag is hard to spell (I had to triple check it when I posted). But you might be surprised at how many people misspell “Campbell”, even though they probably buy cans of soup with that name on it all the time. 😉

    Anyhow, congrats again to you, Dave, and all of the others who have shown us how to appreciate a little Zen in our designs.

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