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Recursive Virus

I’m sick again. So is Susan. It seems like this illness just keeps going in circles through our family. First the kids had it, then Susan, then me, then the kids got sick again, now we’re sick again… It’s like a recursive function that hasn’t met its exit condition yet. Somebody make it stop!

All of this while we’re still trying to get the rest of our stuff moved out of the old house and into our new one. We’ve spent the last two weekends packing furniture and boxes in and out of the moving truck, only pausing now and again to blow our noses, cough, or take an all-too-brief water break. We’ve gotten most of the stuff moved, except for some things in the basement. I think we’re going to break down and hire some movers to get that stuff out, because if we keep going like this, the whole family will end up in the hospital.

I’m working from home today. Or at least, trying to work. My brain is still a little cloudy from sinus pressure and lack of sleep. But I feel better now than I did at 3:30 this morning, when I was attempting to cough up one of my lungs so I could get a better look at it.

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4 Responses to Recursive Virus

  1. PaulaO says:

    Needed: Developer to design WordPress plugin.

    Functions desired: CyberLysol – a way to clean the monitor to prevent the Germy virus (and its worm, Recursive) from penetrating the digitized codex of the WikiPhlegm network, thereby limiting the virus (and any variants) from infecting other WordPress users.

    Suggested name: Germy Karma

  2. Roland says:

    Actually I think that’s more like a cyclical virus (as in it goes round in a circle). If it was recursive, it would infect itself, then the copies of itself that it infected itself with would infect themselves, and so on. Or something.

  3. PaulaO says:

    So that would be php get_square if else get_flat then end?

  4. Bald Eagle says:

    The lack of sleep can really slow you rate of recovery. Up until not too long ago I was working graveyard, and I wasn’t getting my sleep until some one talked me into taking kava-kava juice. You can get it at health food stores in liquid form where you take droplets – or do what I did – get them in capsules. It is normally recommended for anxiety, but it really mellows you out so it is great for falling asleep easier.

    Try it, it worked great for me.

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