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Monthly Archives: March 2005 Returns

After months (and months, and months) on hiatus, has returned. The service is now run by Ask Bjørn Hansen. It appears that it’s been back up for about a week, and they’re still kicking out some kinks. Once the dust settles, we’ll add it back to Ping-O-Matic.

A quick synopsis of the past few days

Stuff I’ve done since Friday: Panicked over some last-minute problems in testing the software we were getting ready to release. Visited some friends for a Pampered Chef party. Found out that the previously mentioned software problems were only due to issues on the test computer. No real problem here. Yay. Bought supplies to refinish some furniture. Ate a really, really good homemade meal (my wife rocks). Yum. Confirmed that our new baby will be a … Continue reading