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Tartan Day 2005

Today is Tartan Day, which originated in Canada, was later adopted by the United States, and is now beginning to spread to other corners of the world, just as the “Scottish diaspora” has. The celebrations in New York this year were especially auspicious, as they featured the sword of William “Braveheart” Wallace, which has never before left its native Scotland.

There was also some controversy this year with the conspicuous absence of Sean Connery, who had previously committed to attend, then withdrew at the last minute. Connery blamed his busy schedule, but other sources point to an argument between the actor and Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell.

Clan Campbell played a prominant role in the festivities this year, as they led the gathered clans in the Tartan Day Parade.

There. Isn’t it refreshing to read about something besides blogs and web development every once in a while?

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