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Scrivs considers new CMS for Whitespace

Scrivs is pondering a change for his design blog, Whitespace. The three main choices are Textpattern or WordPress or DIY.

I’ve already weighed in with my (admittedly biased) opinion of WordPress. It seems to me that it would be a great fit for his stated requirements.

Here is a list of features that I am looking for:

  • Easily import entries from MT
  • Multiple authors with different permissions
  • Multiple blogs. For example, I may setup a site with a news blog and an articles blog sitting side-by-side.
  • Decent spam prevention
  • Can use the same url structure as my current sites (very, very important)
  • Free
  • Easy plugin architecture in case I get creative and decide to program something of my own
  • Easy export in case I decide to build my own software

It’s a basic blogging list, but those are the essentials. Any advice beyond just telling me which one to go with is greatly appreciated.

About the only weak spot is the multi-blog handling. I pointed out WordPress-MU, though.

I’m guessing that one of the strongest features in this case is going to be WP’s ability to mimic his existing permalink structure (which he can do with the addition of an “underscore titles” plugin). I’d probably favor a solution that automagically generated permanent redirects to new, cleaner URLs. But the important thing in this case is that an easy solution to the problem is available.

This is not a call for everyone to go comment on his site advocating WordPress. I will always tell people to use the best tool for the job, even if that means using some other system than one I normally favor. But in this case, my personal opinion is that WP would be a good fit.

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