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There’s no place like home

Faced with foot-high grass in our back yard and a no-show lawn service, we bought a lawn-mower this weekend. Yesterday, I spent about three hours (including a couple of water breaks and a fuel refill) beating the grass into submission. When all was said and done, our lawn was looking pretty nice.

I’m really glad that we spent the extra money for a self-propelled mower. We’ve got about an acre of land, and that gentle slope in the back yard doesn’t seem quite so gentle when you’re pushing a hunk of metal across it over and over again. The extra-large back wheels and the 6.5HP engine didn’t hurt, either. If I had cheaped out and gotten a 4.5HP model, it probably never would have made it through some of the thicker clumps of grass.

I’m starting to feel like a real homeowner now 🙂

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