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There’s no place like home

Faced with foot-high grass in our back yard and a no-show lawn service, we bought a lawn-mower this weekend. Yesterday, I spent about three hours (including a couple of water breaks and a fuel refill) beating the grass into submission. When all was said and done, our lawn was looking pretty nice.

I’m really glad that we spent the extra money for a self-propelled mower. We’ve got about an acre of land, and that gentle slope in the back yard doesn’t seem quite so gentle when you’re pushing a hunk of metal across it over and over again. The extra-large back wheels and the 6.5HP engine didn’t hurt, either. If I had cheaped out and gotten a 4.5HP model, it probably never would have made it through some of the thicker clumps of grass.

I’m starting to feel like a real homeowner now 🙂

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3 Responses to There’s no place like home

  1. Just wait until you have to change some plumbing, say in your bathroom… ooh or the previous owners put blinds that stick in your skylights, and you now have to get an eleven foot extension ladder from SOMEWHERE to go up there and unstick them.

    That is when I started feeling like a homeowner, I cut the grass at all my previous rental properties, but I never had to “fix” stuff.

  2. Dougal says:

    Well, for me, this was probably the first time I’ve pushed a lawnmower in, oh… fifteen years or more.

    You see, when I was a kid, I hated mowing the lawn. There were few things that I despised more. I was always getting in trouble with my parents for procrastinating when they wanted me to cut the grass. And while I still wouldn’t call it “fun”, I did get a certain sense of satisfaction when I finished cutting my lawn 🙂

    I’ll be doing all sorts of other homeownery things soon. Not long after we moved in, I tripped on the stairs and put a hole in the drywall with my back. Plus, the water feed to the icemaker in our (new) fridge leaks at the valve. So I need to fix that so that we can get rid of the ice cube trays. And the previous owners left all sorts of nails and molly bolts in the walls that we eventually plan to remove and patch up. And we need to replace one of the toilet seats, install some towel racks, pound in some nails on the deck stairs, and do a few other minor things.

  3. Martin Haworth says:

    Mowing is a great soother for me. I love to spend an hour mowing and enjoying a bit of fresh (ish!) air away from the computer. I can do great thinking that way and then I have a cool idea for my blog and for you guys to Ping for me!

    In the UK lawn services are fairly rare and anyway, we have a lot less space than you guys – it’s a small country with a lot of people squeezed into it!



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