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SpamValve Download

I only had a couple of responses to my call for SpamValve testers. One of the testers has already begun using SpamValve on his FreeBSD server. The other is tied up at the moment, but is going to attempt to adapt it to work on a Linux server sometime next week.

In the meantime, I’ve started using it to filter spam hits to my mail service. This was accomplished with a one-liner:

tail -0f /var/log/maillog | \
perl -e 'while(<>){ m/Mail from (.*) rejected/; \
system("/usr/local/sbin/svupdate", $1) if $1;}'

The command above watches the end of my sendmail log for entries indicating messages rejected by RBL checks. When it matches one, it sends the IP number to svupdate, which updates the spam counter for that host. That’s how easy it can be to use SpamValve to monitor a network service.

That said, I’m going to go ahead and make the code generally available. Obviously, feedback is welcome.

Download SpamValve: .ZIP (15K) or .tar.gz (11K)

I’m dubbing this SpamValve Version 1.0-alpha-2 “Hyrax”.

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