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WordPress Sponsors BrowseHappy

WordPress is now the official host and sponsor of the BrowseHappy campaign, as noted in a WebStandards Project press release.

In an effort to refocus energy on advocating for standards from a perspective of universal access and vendor neutrality, WaSP is handing over the reigns of the BrowseHappy campaign to the good folks at WordPress.

What does this mean to the average user? Not a whole heck of a lot. But it probably means a bit of good press for WordPress, BrowseHappy, and WaSP. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 affects the web standards balance. The IE7 team seems to be making an honest effort to improve that browser’s compliance.

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7 Responses to WordPress Sponsors BrowseHappy

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  2. Ozh says:

    IE7 will rock the world, IE7 will outperform its competitors and rule the browser market, IE7 will …. have tabs. WowoWoWoWowowoww baby.

    No seriously, are there still people waiting to see what IE7 brings ? 🙂

  3. char says:

    IE is supposed to be the leader of the pack hopefully they will come out with something worthy to use.

  4. Kates says:

    I hope they’ll make more secure this time. I’m a FF user but non-tech people around the house instantaneously and subconsciously click on IE righ away to surf the web. I spend two days last week to clean the pc of trojans and spywares. Another thing it should have is web standards compliance.

  5. Richard says:

    A few weeks ago I’d never heard of WordPress. Then I switched hosts and the new package included Fantastico (“one-click” installs for many webapps, WordPress included).

    A few days later I get asked to do a website and after a bit of Research decide that WordPress was the best tool for the job. I like to promote web standards and seemed the best way to do it, so I added a link to the site, but thought at the time that it could do with updating (perhaps to focus on why standards are good rather than why IE is bad).

    Now I hear that the people behind WordPress will be taking responsibility for the site. It’s funny how things come together like this.

    I’m really pleased to hear the news and I hope they do it justice.

  6. I want to know whether the above Dougal Campbell is a psychologist who long ago taught at Auckland University in NZ, leaving to teach in Canada. If so, I’d love to get in touch with him.

  7. Dougal says:

    I took a psychology class at a community college near Atlanta, Georgia about 17 year ago. The closest I’ve been to Canada was when some friends and I took a road trip to South Portland, Maine. And the closest I’ve ever been to New Zealand was probably when I took a cruise in the Carribean a few years ago.

    Sorry, you must be looking for a different Dougal Campbell. Good luck! 🙂

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