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Zend Core for IBM

Cool, IBM and Zend have announced Zend Core for IBM. Basically, it’s an officially supported version of PHP with tight integration into IBM’s DB2 and Cloudscape database servers, and some web services stuff. This is probably going to grab some new eyeballs for PHP from some IBM-based businesses who have probably never heard of it before.

If I was still working at my previous employer back in Alabama, I would be all over this. They are a big IBM user who are currently migrating their web platform from Microsoft’s IIS to IBM’s WebSphere. If I were still there, I’d have a much easier time converting all the Perl ASP code that I wrote to PHP than if I tried to rewrite everything in JSP.

This is definitely cool news for tech geeks in Big Blue evironments that like the security blanket of support contracts.

via: Sam Ruby

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