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Feedlounge web-based aggregator

FeedLounge Logo

Alex King and Scott Sanders have announced FeedLounge, a “state of the art web-based feed reader.” Alex invited me to be an alpha tester, so I spent some time kicking it around yesterday. Color me impressed.

FeedLounge interface screenshot

FeedLounge interface screenshot

Keeping in mind that this is alpha software, I’ll grant you that I found a couple of suggestions to make. However, to echo the sentiments of Geoff, FeedLounge often feels much more like a desktop application than a web page. Clever combinations of Ajax and CSS add a ton of “hey wow” moments when using the system. As with Alex’s other works, the user interface is clean and easy to navigate.

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18 Responses to Feedlounge web-based aggregator

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  2. tyler says:

    Whoa! It’s beautiful. I hope they contact me soon so I can try it out…

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  6. Blox0r says:

    Don’t forget t3h Blox0r!
    Best web aggregator ever!
    All XUL, all gecko, all rox0r!


  7. nick botulism says:

    that looks nice from a technical point of view (i.e. the desktop-app nature of it). on the other hand, i don’t like 3-pane RSS readers much any more, so i’m sure i’ll stick with bloglines for now…

  8. Andrew says:

    I’m interested to see how this compares to NewsGator. With their acquisition of FeedDemon, I think that NewsGator is goin’ to do something rather cool by purging together offline and online feed reading. But i’m sure Alex has made something that can compete with that.

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  11. jr says:

    looks like a good program

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