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About a week ago, a yellowjacket stung me twice on the ankle while I was mowing our lawn. Obviously, it hurt like hell when it first happened, a feeling akin to being stuck with a hot soldering iron. The initial pain subsided fairly quickly, going down to a persistent itch and a constant dull (but firm and distracting) pain. After I finished cutting the grass, I applied ice, which helped for a little while. Later that night, I applied some anti-itch creme and took some advil, and by the next morning, I had all but forgotten about it.

Then, after nearly a week, the sting locations started itching like mad. I’ve applied anti-itch creme again a couple of times, which seems to help temporarily. But the itching keeps coming back. I was going to try taking an internal anti-histamine last night, but I forgot to do it until too late, and that stuff usually puts me down pretty hard, so I was worried that I’d have a hard time getting up for work.

Does anybody have any advice?

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