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FeedLounge wants browser developers

The FeedLounge team is looking for some browser developers to help with testing. This is to help distinguish better between bugs that may be in the FeedLounge application or in the browser itself. By getting some browser programmers on-board, they may be able to get problems fixed at both ends.

We feel that this will be a mutually beneficial arrangement:

  1. We push the limits of the browser and potentially find bugs that don’t normally get surfaced, report them to you (the browser developer) and provide test and use cases.
  2. Bugs that affect FeedLounge get fixed (or we get work-arounds for them) which is a great thing for our users.

Alpha testing is going pretty good so far. They recently moved things onto a beefier server, and the system response times are nice and snappy now. There are still a few little quirks to be worked out, but it’s really shaping up to be an awesome service.

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