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Microformat for media descriptions

I’m interested in coming up with a good metadata system for describing various sorts of media. Obviously, this ties in to my recent work on my “now playing” feature, and also into my interest in microformats. And I plan to expand this with links to books, DVDs, and perhaps other media or products. I asked about it on the microformats-discuss mailing list, and they pointed me to a page on the wiki about media-metadata.

This seems to be primarily aimed at electronic media, but I’m hoping that the primary authors might be willing to expand the scope a bit. I’ve already contributed a couple of links on that page and added an “Offline Media” section, which I hope others might fill in. If things move too slowly, maybe I’ll just go ahead and come up with some individual microformats that cover what I think I might need, toss them out there, and see what evolves.

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