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Round up

I was going to post several small items yesterday, to make up for the lull in activity, but my server was down for the better part of the day. When the other admin finally got it rebooted, some of the database tables had some minor corruption, so if you visited late yesterday you might have seen some warning messages. I was able to run some repairs, and everything seems to be happy again, now.

I already run automated backups of all my database tables, which get mailed to an external email account. And there is also an automated backup of the rest of the system, run by the hosting company, but I don’t have direct access to those. So, the long downtime yesterday reminded me that there’s a lot of things on this server that I don’t have local backups of (my web site designs, vhost config customizations, email lists, and various other programs and files). I need to correct that.

We recently got Susan a laptop of her own, since I’ve been monopolizing our “shared” laptop for quite a while now. What I’ll probably do now is to backup some data from my VAIO, nuke it (maybe dual boot WinXP & Linux), and with the newly freed space, I should be able to keep most of my critical stuff rsynched between it and the server.

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