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TiVo TCD540040 Series2 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder

Tivo Series2 40GB DVR — $50 after rebate!

A couple of days ago, I read about a $150 rebate from Tivo. This brings the price of a unit down to the “impulse buy” level. I’m thinking about getting us a 40GB unit. I figure that if we decide that we need more space later, we can just hack a larger hard drive into it.

And actually, that may not even be necessary, as I’ve just read that you can now stream video from a PC to the Tivo over a network. Which effectively means that any PC in your home can be used for auxilliary Tivo storage.

I expect that we’ll get pretty good usage out of Tivo. We often miss shows that we like because we’re busy trying to get our kids to bed. And of course, digging out a blank VHS tape and programming the VCR is a pain in the neck (plus you only get 2-6 hours of recording, depending on what kind of video quality you’re willing to put up with). It would be nice to let Tivo keep track of which shows we want to see, automagically record them for us, and timeshift them to when we can actually sit down for an hour.

Current Tivo users: tell me about your favorite Series2 Hacks sites!

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